Depression a la Recent Videos

I just realized that I made quite a few videos recently about my depression. More than usual, at least. Let me talk about this, if you will.

The first video is i’m still depressed (click on the title to see the video).

This was a more serious venture, and I talk about it at the end of the video. There are lots of people and sites who will tell a depressed person how to get rid of their depression. For a person with seasonal or temporary depression, that might work. However, for a person with severe or clinical depression (like me) it can be perceived as annoying or even dangerous. There are ways to keep depression at bay, and there are ways to better your depressional episodes. But my point to this was that sometimes those depressional episodes will just need to be rode through. It’s like an ocean, and you just need to ride the waves until you reach calmer waters. And that’s okay.

The second video is Getting Ready for a Breakdown

This was a comedic sketch about those depressional episodes. Sometimes they just happen. And, if you’re lucky or observant or used to it, you can be able to tell when it’s about to happen. If that’s the case, you can prepare for it. It’s a bad idea, in my opinion, to try to fix the situation or force it down if you know the breakdown is coming. Let yourself feel the emotions you need to feel. Let your body have that moment.

And the third video is Do I Love Myself? (which I realized that I don’t have published quite yet, but I will link it when it is published)

At the surface, this isn’t about depression. However, as I filmed this, I noticed a lot of my discussion going back to depression. Half of this video is in sarcastic humor, and the other half is true messages I feel needs to be shared. It’s important to love yourself, and those with severe depression have a hard time of doing that. So, this video plays on that.

These videos were definitely in the moment of stuff happening in my life right now (that I can’t share quite yet, unfortunately).

Take care of yourself, recognize your emotions and what your body is telling you, and do your best.

That’s what I hope for me and you.



History Memes

Memes: the slang of today’s generation. That sounded super dusty, but I promise that I do love a good meme. ‘Good’ being the keyword (as well as subjective…).

I made a video about how memes can help in schools and learning in general (available here). I stand by that. Memes are the language of the internet these days, and the younger generations live by the internet. (Honestly, me too). And in order to be part of that ‘cool society’, they have that repertoire of memes. And utilizing that toward education will not only help them understand the topic, but will get them interested in learning.

Anyway, I’m just wanting to re-share the history memes I found, via every history meme blog on Tumblr.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yep. This whole thing was just wanting to post these history memes I found too funny. Again.



The Point of Survivalist

If you guys follow my YouTube (please do!), you’ll know about a wee little series I did called Survivalist.

Every episode was an incident I survived through, whether is was a smoke bomb in school, a flash flood, or even having a window blown out inches from my face by a bullet. But what was the point of sharing these stories?

Well, I did make a video about it: Survival of the Unstable Life.

But let me explain a bit more. At the time of making the initial videos, I was in a sort of limbo (one I’m experiencing recently as well) between graduating and starting the new adventure. I was very unsure with everything I was doing and thinking, the future’s instability terrified me, and I wasn’t sure I was even going to survive.

But I survived.

And that was the point: I was able to live through nutso events like an infection that almost killed me and classroom assaults. I’m fairly certain I can survive whatever the universe wants to throw at me.

And so I write this more as a reminder to myself as I find myself back in that low limbo between graduation and the next adventure. I don’t need to be sure, but I don’t need to be scared either. And I’d like to leave that message with you:

You don’t need to be sure, but you don’t need to be scared.



P.S. Lots of videos to watch. Enjoy them!