A Message from All of Us

Everyone has a message for you…

From Assistant Edgar:

I am taking a break. Miss TG has been busy with various things including school, work, volunteering, and family issues, so I have been stretched thin. As you can imagine, so has Miss TG.

However, things can only get better when you’re feeling down. Miss TG will be working hard, and I’ll be taking a vacation.

Have a good week, and a good quarter.


Assistant Edgar

From Caregiver Willow:

Hey, friends! ^_^

As you a-see, I had boo-boo. T.T

But I a-better now, mostly!

I still have a-boo-boo, but I out of cone of shame!

I be okay. And so will you! ❤

I a-believe in you!

For now, I a-heal. Miss Alexandra take care of you! ^_^



From Daughter Sophie:

I haven’t talked to you guys at all, and you haven’t seen me since I was adopted.

But Mama has been in, out, and everywhere else. She hasn’t been as attentive to me. Rude T.T

I just want you to know that even if she doesn’t seem to be taking care, she’s got you guys on her mind. Mama just feels bad about letting you guys down.

I’ll help out when I can, lol. Can’t do much, but I can try and I certainly do.

Be good to yourself and accept help when you need it.



From Certified Black Cat Toothless (and brothers Bram and Ash):

I just want you guys to be aware that Halloween season is coming up.

Be aware of black cats around this time.

We are adopted and abandoned, abused, and killed.

Please be good.



Is that good, Alexandra? Yeah? Cool.

From Alexandra:

Hey, friends.

Yes, I had a birthday. Yes, I dyed my hair blue. Yes, I’ve been gone for a few weeks.

Balance doesn’t exist right now, but we’re trying our best.

The reason I wanted everyone to give a message is because they won’t be giving messages anymore. I’m not happy with them (the messages, not the cats) and I wanted to move on, now that I’m trying newer things in life.

I’ve got some plans for the next few weeks of posts, but if I drop the ball again just know I either had a huge essay to write or I had some volunteering/shadowing going on.

Thanks for being you, and I hope we can all learn more together.



Message from Caregiver Willow

img_7389Hello! ^_^

It me, a-Willow!

A lot been a-happening in TG home!

And because, Alexandra overwhelmed U.U

She a-took long nap with a-weight blanket on top, so her a-chest hurt and she a-full of stress U.U

It a-okay! ^A^

Alexandra a-try her best, and she will get a-through!

You too!

You will get a-through! ❤



P.a-S. You like new pic? Should I a-keep? ^_^

A Message from Assistant Edgar

IMG_1570It is 22 July 2020.

Miss Alexandra is collecting her thoughts as a new school semester looms closer.

For many of you, a new school semester is coming soon as well. While you should enjoy the break you have (if you have a break), you should also prepare for what is coming.

By that, I mean make sure your environment is stress-free, make sure you have the supplies you need (if you do not know what supplies you need, I recommend having a notebook and pencil, and writing the supplies you will be needing), and being aware that teachers/professors do not make the school rules but it is their job to enforce them.

Good luck in your scholarly endeavors.


Assistant Edgar

Plans for the Blog

I have no excuse.

Let’s recap life at the moment: school is done, I’m working more, quarantine sucks the life out of you, and I’ve been having a lot of mental cracks.

And yet, I can’t seem to write blog posts!

I know, in general, people will say ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’, ‘give yourself room to relax’, and ‘forgive yourself’. And that’s all true. Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, yes. But there is a time when I’m just making excuses when there really isn’t one.


I’m gonna make myself more responsible by putting my schedule out and making some solid plans for the blog.

The schedule I’ve set that I’d like to continue with is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am PST. Now you know, and feel free to yell at me if I miss one.

As for plans of future posts, I’ll be starting a segment called Book versus Movie, I’ll continue my quotes collection, every month will bring bullet journal spreads, by popular demand I’ll talk about my journey to celebrating Pride as an abrosexual, and a lot more!

Now that I have a plan, I need to deliver. I completely recognize that sometimes things happen. But I should at least let you guys know before falling off the grid for weeks.

Be kind to yourself, but be responsible for yourself too.

I’ll see you Monday!


How the Crew Feel About Isolation

Assistant Edgar: “I am still as busy as ever, with working from home and keeping the papers maintained. Not much has changed here, other than Miss Alexandra not leaving the house.”

Caretaker Willow: “is awful! people need interaction and hugs and miss alexandra a-not getting that! and others are hurting and is a painful time! please be safe!”

Sophie: “…this isn’t normal?” *she was born during the COVID-19 outbreak*

A Message from Assistant Edgar

IMG_1570It is 27 January 2020.

I am fully aware that I have not written to you since July of last year.

Miss Alexandra has kept me quite busy throughout her first semester, and promises to do so for her current semester.

She had asked me to write today as she has received some very stressful news regarding her schoolwork that she has to fix as soon as she can. She informed me she would let you know more about it in a future post.

When you receive news that gives you unnecessary stress, take time to help yourself. Evaluate what you need to do and make a plan. But always make sure you follow through.


Assistant Edgar

A Slow Start to the New Year

Does anyone else find life kind of dragging its feet for this new year?

Coming into 2020, I wanted to head straight into the year guns blazing, ready to go head butt it into submission. It didn’t turn out that way when I got severe influenza and some other plans turned on their heads.


I just wanted you to know that it’s okay to have a slow start. Remember, the tortoise ended up winning.

What you do not do it quit when it’s not going fast enough. Go the speed you can, knowing you’re still making strides toward the finish line.

I am hoping I pick up my feet a little, but I’m excited to keep going.



And We’re Back

Woah, my last post was from 18 December last year (so, like, two weeks ago). Either way, where the hell have I been?

I honestly didn’t mean to leave you all hanging like that, but I was dealing with holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, yeah) and I got a VERY bad case of influenza. I was uber sick and juggling responsibilities.

Anyway, happy 2020!

Personally, I don’t do resolutions, but I have yearly goals (and no I don’t believe they are the same thing). But if you do have resolutions, I’m sending good vibes that you may work hard and achieve.

I would really like to actually stay on schedule for the year. With that said, school starts again this week so I’ll be back in the hustle of school, work, productions, and goals. Hopefully my assistant (who’s completely fine) can be my backup poster when things get hectic, lol.

Let’s have a good and productive year, beautiful people!