Time to Shop! (Also, Happy Friday the 13th)

It’s time for Christmas shopping! Here are some tips I use when I go shopping: Coupons! Yes, I sound like a total suburban mom, but coupons are literal wallet lifesavers. If you are members of any catalogs, keep an eye on coupons usually glued on the outside of them. Otherwise, a simple Google search couldContinue reading “Time to Shop! (Also, Happy Friday the 13th)”

Finishing a Semester

This past Friday I’ve finished the first semester in my graduate program. Now, I’ve actually done a graduate program before. I have my Masters. So, yes, I’m going through it all over again. As opposed to my dramaturgy and playwriting degree I’ve gotten before, on campus, I’m pursuing Information Science online. It’s a whole newContinue reading “Finishing a Semester”

When You’re Overwhelmed (and a story)

This past weekend, my family and I had a yard sale. I had just pulled a very late night/very early morning, on top of getting woken up early to do the yard sale. To put it bluntly, I was exhausted. On top of my exhaustion was my stress from being a full time grad studentContinue reading “When You’re Overwhelmed (and a story)”

Don’t See a Play with Me

As a theatre person, I love seeing onstage shows. I prefer straight plays over musicals, as I’ve said before, but I don’t think you should see either with me. Now, why would I say that considering I love theatre and I want to encourage others to love it as well? Because I’m an awful audienceContinue reading “Don’t See a Play with Me”

Having Colored Hair in the Workplace

I recently had a meeting at work where someone who was hired with me asked what the dress code for the place was. Turns out we didn’t have one, as long as it wasn’t outlandish and remember what impression you want to leave with potential advertisers, etc. I asked about hair color. No rule! However,Continue reading “Having Colored Hair in the Workplace”