Movies My Friends Think Are Flawless

I really do enjoy movies, though my opinions seem to be different not only from critics but from audiences as well. What I look at and enjoy stand out amongst other opinions. This caused me to wonder if I was the only one. So I went to Facebook, the headquarters of personal opinion, and askedContinue reading “Movies My Friends Think Are Flawless”

Quotes in My Collection (pt 2)

Let’s continue with some more quotes! To recap, I collect quotes and quote books. You can find some from my collection in the first post here. This post is going to focus on quotes I found on social media, whether from Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr. I didn’t make note of usernames and I didn’t seeContinue reading “Quotes in My Collection (pt 2)”

I am Grateful…I Can Still Complain

So. Until my teacher friend gets her own computer, she’s been borrowing mine for her Zoom meetings with her students. I don’t have issues with it since she only does it twice a week for, like, an hour. After a session, she told me she liked my desk chair. Now, here’s the thing: I hateContinue reading “I am Grateful…I Can Still Complain”

Musical Questionnaire

Due to everyone being on social media these days, I’ve been seeing a lot of fun little get-to-know-you questionnaires pop up. I thought, for today’s post, I would do one. (Because, honestly, I didn’t know what else to do, I’m drowning in finals). I saw one about musicals/theatre that might tickle some fancies, so hereContinue reading “Musical Questionnaire”

Christmas Movies I’m Planning on Enjoying

Like my Halloween movies post (found here) there are some Christmas movies I’m hoping to watch throughout the season. I haven’t started since writing this, but hopefully I can get my list done. Some generic Christmas movies I enjoy include: Santa Clause Home Alone (and 2, fight me) A Christmas Story It’s a Wonderful LifeContinue reading “Christmas Movies I’m Planning on Enjoying”