Memorial Day

It’s one of those holidays I always hear about but is half-ass-edly celebrated to the point where I don’t even know what’s meant to be celebrated.

What is Memorial Day for?

It’s a technical federal holiday, meant for remembering and honoring those who died while serving in the Armed Forces. But what struck me wasn’t the respect to those who died, or lack of. It’s considered, more popularly, the unofficial start of the summer vacation.

That’s right. Memorial Day is known for marking the end of a school year.


It was only while writing this blog that I realized what Memorial Day really was, and what should be on my mind.

Four years ago, my brother’s best friend, a boy like a brother to me, died while serving overseas. Memorial Day is to remember people like him.

Now, I’m not planning to really celebrate. I’ll be going to work, having a normal day, running errands. But, I won’t disrespect it. And in my head, I’ll remember my ‘brother’.

Respect those who lost their lives, even if you didn’t know any of them personally.

What is Style?

Style (n)–a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed

In this context, I’m talking about outer appearance.

Style is so often talked about in fashion. But what is style? I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately, since I changed my wardrobe. (I was going to make a video about my wardrobe change, but other vids got in the way).

Style is a big part of fashion. But what people may not understand is that style is a big part of personal fashion. Style is expression. There is no set style because there is no set people. Individuals mean individual styles.

One article says that style is outer expression of your inner self. That’s why there are style coaches. They are just meant to help you express your inner self outwardly. Style is the way we communicate without words or facial expressions. (The article is aptly called ‘What is Style?’ and you can read it here)

So what does my style say about me? I wear all black. Literally. Just black clothes. But my shoes, hats, jewelry is not black. It’s all kinds of colors. So what does all black with a splash of color say about me? What does it mean I am expressing inwardly? What am I communicating?

I still don’t know.

I just know what I like.

And I dress in what I like. It is my personal fashion and my personal style. I’m not communicating anything beyond myself: a dark soul with splashes of color.

Dress how you like. Style is subjective. It’s about what you enjoy wearing, and it doesn’t have to say anything.



Is My Friend More Worthwhile Art-wise?

Is it just me, or is there a snootiness when it comes with opinions about art?

As you guys know, I’ve been making comics lately. It’s a janky series called Just Vinyl Comics. I would, infrequently, also make colored pencil art.

Now, every artist gets criticism, constructive or otherwise. I’m no exception. However, the most popular criticism seemed to be, why waste your time on comics?; or comics aren’t real art, try real art; or comics aren’t worthwhile compared to painting.

The problem is people don’t seem to understand art is more than painting. And by their logic, my friend Lee Valentine, a painter, is a more worthwhile person than I am. (Also, check out his stuff, he’s amazing). That’s like saying Pablo Picasso is more worthwhile than Bill Watterson. We can’t compare them. Picasso paints, Watterson cartoons.

And if we want to continue this stretch of the imagination, am I actually more worthwhile than Lee because I do theatre and sing (an art form) much more than he does?

It’s a weird argument.

The point is, no, one person’s way of art is not more worthwhile than another person. Whether you paint like Lee, make janky comics like me, or some other form of art.

No art is more important than another.



P.S. Check out Lee Valentine Art, he’s great at what he does! He’s the one who made the painting for me.img_5011

Dropping the Ball

I didn’t post on Wednesday.


Because I forgot.

Sometimes we drop the ball on stuff. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we are too busy to do everything we want.

And it’s okay.

It happens to everyone; we’re all human.

But what we definitely need to remember in these moments is not to be hard with ourselves.

Strive to be better, yes. Change something to help you remember what you need to do.

But don’t beat yourself up for being human.

Chibi Self

I found a website where you can make yourself into a chibi character. And this is what I did for me:

I posted it on social media with the comment ‘just needs a fatter face’.

And I realized today, what a shame to say something negative first rather than positive.

So, here’s my chance to actually compliment my Japanese chibi self: how cute!!

Website: just warning, it is in Japanese

Why I Don’t Like Musicals

I’m a theatre person. I’ve said that so many times, but I always get hung up/questioned about a certain aspect of my theatre passion.

I don’t like musicals.

Sure, some musicals are cool and I like them (The Producers, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I guess Into the Woods). Some musicals have a couple of good songs and I can tolerate them (Les Miserables, Wicked, even Shrek the Musical). And the majority of musicals I just don’t like. Even if they have one song I like, it doesn’t save the entire musical (Dear Evan Hansen, as an example).

Overall, I prefer straight plays. I would rather go off Broadway to see Death of a Salesman than go on Broadway to see Hamilton.

“You can’t be a real theatre person if you don’t like musicals.” Okay…wrong. By that logic, you can’t be a singer if you don’t like opera. You can’t be a vet if you don’t like snakes. You can’t be a farmer if you don’t like goats. You can’t be a chef if you don’t like haggis.

You get it? Just because I don’t like a portion of theatre does not mean I am not a theatre person.

I started theatre as a kid, doing plays and a single musical. I found my real passion after doing ‘The Mousetrap’ by Agatha Christie when I was 13 years old. I was able to go to the Shakespeare festival when I was 14, where I fell in love with plays even more after watching ‘Faustus’. I was accepted to an acting school at 15 after performing ‘Antigone’. Yeah, I did musicals in high school. Only two. Everything else was a play.

There’s a part 2 to my preference over plays. It has to do with my own talent. On my way to college, I adored acting. I can prat fall, clown, and move all kinds of ways if need be. When I was 14, I was in choir and my teacher told me I couldn’t sing. When I was 15, I was told that again. When I was 16 and 17, the musicals always cast show choir people rather than drama kids. So, I just accepted my fate of being a shit singer, and stuck my passion into plays.

And the last little part: I like shows grounded in some sort of reality. Random singing and dancing does not do that for me. I’d rather watch acting than singing and dancing.

In no way am I saying musicals shouldn’t exist or that they are below straight plays. It’s just not for me. Plays and musicals, one is not better than the other in the theatre world. I just prefer plays.

Wherever your preferences for your hobbies lie, you’re not wrong.



Cosplay Makeup

I’ll occasionally get questions about makeup, especially since I’m the one in town to go to for stuff like that.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need fancy makeup anythings.

Everything can be done using regular everyday makeup. I do it all the time. The only thing I say anyone needs to have beyond makeup is fake blood. But you can even make that on your own so you don’t need to pay out the nose for fake blood.

Anyway, eyeshadow is my saving grace for absolutely everything. And I get to give you examples. img_4589

Need to become a fawn? Brown and black eyeshadow with white eyeliner.

IMG_1203Want something more decorative to become the element Earth? Green, gold, and brown eyeshadows. That’s all I used on that!



Maybe some basic scarring? Yep. Eyeshadow.


Or if you want more intense scarring to be like the cool kids, you can use tissue. That’s right! Basic everyday makeup and tissue/toilet paper.



And if you want a glossier finish beyond what eyeshadow/powder can do for you, try water. Mix that powder with a wee bit of water and boom. Face paint.

And those are some ideas I wanted to share.

Enjoy the weird photos and the exorbitant amount of blood I put into a lot of my looks. I don’t have a problem…

Don’t feel like you need to shell out to cosplay or costume. You really don’t, at least not in the makeup department. Use that money on the actual costume department or whatever you will.

There was no real point to this post, but I wanted to make it so here it is! ^_^



Moro Intro part 2 (aka Adopt, Don’t Shop)

Not too long ago I introduced a pup in a blog post. (here, I hope)

I wanted to give an update: she has been adopted to a very good home who will train her well.

She’s not living with us anymore; we decided to foster her and give her to someone more worthy.

Anyway, with this update I wanted to send a message to anyone thinking of getting a new pet.


There are so many great animals waiting for good homes. They need love and are willing to give it to someone who’ll care for them.

My entire life, our animals have been rescues. Every single one of our cats are rescues or babies of rescues. Two of our three dogs were rescues.

I’m not trying to guilt you into anything; if you want to shop for a pure bread, then go for it. But try to give to those who were born in unfortunate circumstances.

Adoption is happy, when done correctly.

And lastly, be aware of your local shelter and/or animal rescues in your town. They may need volunteers, donations, foster homes, or even just more notice that they exist.



Carry Chapstick

During a brief break from work, we are building gates for the backyard, putting a shed in the back, building a catio, cleaning all the rooms, and getting stuff together for a garage sale.

Because I’m home, I don’t feel the need to have anything besides the tools required to build/clean. The pain from my lips proved my idea false.

Just because something doesn’t seem as important as what you need to have now, don’t neglect it. It could hurt.

If I Was an Anime Character

I’ve been watching quite a bit of anime recently, which made me wonder…what would it be like if I was an anime character?

Well, first, what kind of anime? It’d probably be Josei, a drama and comedy. Realistic plot, obviously, and no romance.

img_2105My character would be a recluse newbie college student, surrounded by books and followed by cats. Silent and shy. She’d have blue hair and wear baggy clothes.

You know what I see? She’s the main character with very little dialogue because everyone else talks about her. Why is she sitting in the rain? Why is she so attached to cats? Why does she go to cafes alone just to read? Why does she window shop, but never buy anything?

She’s an anomaly the other characters try to figure out, not for romance reasons. Out of pure curiosity. Ooh! I’d call it Curiosity Killed the Cat!…Okay maybe not.

BRB, gonna go call Funimation.

AND I want Mamoru Miyano to play the professor she talks to.

…and that’s who I’d be as an anime character.

Who would you be?