Taking a Break in Utah

After a really terrible six weeks, my mother and I needed a break away. So, we decided to take a weekend trip to Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah.

We left Idaho in the morning on Saturday, and ended up in SLC in the afternoon. Our plan was to visit a historic cemetery, until we found out it was closed on the weekends. So, we tried finding a different one in SLC, got lost, couldn’t find anything, decided to give up, and went to Provo. We didn’t mind too much, since it took our minds off of home nonsense.

That night, we went to a show called ImprovBroadway. We had seen a show of theirs before, so we were excited to laugh our butts off. They had set everything up so everyone socially distanced, which was responsible (also slightly sad since the audience was smaller because of it). The performers did well, though one of them seemed real nervous, and we were laughing a storm. I greatly enjoyed myself. Also (not an ad), if you want to see them they are in Provo, UT and are worth your time. They also teach and do standup if that’s more your speed. Go to their website (here) if you want to know more. Still not an ad.

Mother and I stayed in a small motel in Provo, cheap and clean which was all we needed. And while we were there, we discovered a new Animal Planet show called Pit bulls and Parolees, so even our night and morning was filled with a good distraction.

On Sunday, we decided to go on a scavenger hunt in Salt Lake City. We downloaded an app that has scavenger hunts in major cities all over the country (world? I don’t know), and it sent us to various historic places in SLC. We did have to stop after finishing about 50% of it though. I was not smart and wore the wrong socks and shoe combo, which is hell when you walk five miles on a scavenger hunt, and my lungs were still on the mend after Covid pneumonia. As annoyed as I was at myself, we still had a fun time, and I hope to finish the scavenger hunt next time I’m in Utah.

In the afternoon, we visited some friends of Mother’s that she hasn’t seen in YEARS. Usually, this would be awkward since I’ve never properly met them before, but I actually felt quite comfortable with them and we all had a good time. We stayed until the early evening.

One final stop to In-N-Out and 7-Eleven later (since neither exist in Idaho), we drove back to our home, arriving late at night.

It was almost a necessary trip for both of us, and it gave us a good relax before diving right back in to some of the nonsense we left behind. We had a good time and were able to chill. Back to work.

Don’t forget to take a break when you need to.



To California and Back

As said in my wee little update on Monday, I had gotten back from California. So, now I’ll explain why I was there in the first place.

Way too early on Friday morning, my mother and I went down to LA, California from Undisclosed, Idaho. We drove down with the goal of picking up my uncle, who is now going to live with us in Idaho. Uncle has lately been suffering from various medical issues to the point where he can’t be on his own.

Friday consisted of driving down and then a dinner with my brother who lives in LA. That’s it.

Saturday, Mother and I spent more time with Brother. We got breakfast at Portos (which was delicious but an experience), we walked on a trail (which was awful for SO many reasons), then we walked down Hollywood Blvd (which…yeah). It was cool to walk or whatever, but if you are unaware, I wear all black and it was HOT. I also have a medical heat sensitivity, so my time there was not nice. However, Mother found a Sanrio store, something we hadn’t seen in years, and I was able to find Danny Kaye’s star, which is all I cared about.

Thankfully, we also went to my friend’s house, who also lives in LA. I must thank her for a calming atmosphere and introducing me to Over the Garden Wall, which I will be binging a lot more. (Also, Inigo, I’m gonna send this to you, we had a deal, I watched Over the Garden Wall, you need to watch Men in Tights). It’s nice when you have a stressful time full of emotions to have a calming place with a calming person. Thanks, Inigo.

After that, I went to my cousin’s house, who ALSO lives in LA (everyone lives in LA). And Brother came over for a movie (Shoplifters, 2018, 3.5/5 stars).

Sunday, we left…ugh. I think the plan was to leave before 10 am? We didn’t start leaving LA until 2 in the afternoon. I was already not in the best state of mind due to a lot of high emotions throughout the past week, so it wasn’t a good way to start a road trip.

We didn’t get home until after 5 in the morning.

But, now we’re back, Uncle is trying to settle amongst our cats, and I’m trying to relax my high emotions before I go back to work (which, this will be published after I go back to work, so we’ll see how I did).

Sometimes travelling isn’t necessarily fun or a vacation. But it’s still necessary. We do what we have to do, make it work, and do our best.



My Weekend in Astoria

This past weekend, I went on a roadtrip with my mother to Oregon and Washington, with the specific destination being Astoria, OR. If you’re unfamiliar with Astoria, it’s best known for the filming of The Goonies. Our reason for going was partially personal so I won’t go into great detail, but mostly because we needed to get out of town.

So, why Astoria? Did we really have a special tie to The Goonies? Was our family there?

No. We went specifically to Astoria for two reasons: Finn Ware and the ocean.

Starting from the beginning, this was my first time in Oregon and Washington, two more states off my goal of visiting all 50 states. It was beautiful. I really enjoyed the scenery during our 10 hour drive. We actually stayed in a little inn across the Columbia River in Washington and spent our free time in Oregon so.

During our ‘tourist’ time in Astoria, we went to a place called Finn Ware. My mother and I, we are very in touch with our Finnish heritage. We are proud Finns. She was most excited to find iittala glass and Fazer chocolate, and I was all over the Viking stuff and Simo Häyhä. We had fun (and spent too much money).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But we did not travel 10 hours just to go to one shop, so we did some other touristy things, including the Oregon Film Museum, Lucy’s Books, Fort Stevens, a shipwreck, and the Astoria Sunday Market. We also ate at a place called Astoria Brewing Company that had a great view and the best onion rings.

Overall, Mother and I had a relaxing and content time, which is what we needed at the moment.

I recommend Astoria if you want a calming coastal town.

Hope you guys had a good weekend, and now we enter July, our last free month. Here’s to hoping this month doesn’t become as much of a wreck as the rest of this year has been.



Benefit of Creative Week

Wanna know something pretty funny? Last week (Creative Week), I successfully uploaded a post or story every day on time. And today, I am late with my post…

At least I thought it was funny.

Let’s talk about Creative Week that just happened!

I pulled off a DIY, a costume post, two stories, trying some new art, and creating a special art project. It may have not been too smart of me to do it when I had two big assignments due within a day of each other that I was working on as well, but I did it. Also, I don’t recommend that.

But why did I have a Creative Week?

Several reasons, really.

One of them was due to the unsuccessful venture of inktober. I was able to get through five or six days when a very scared cat destroyed my sketch book. It was a shame, and I saw it as a ‘sign’ that I should focus on my school shit.

Here’s the next reason: I’m a very creative person. I’m constantly making something. Focusing on school, I can’t see the creative endeavor YET, and I was starved of creative juices (delicious?) So I went ham, cheese, and spam on getting creative.

What we need to realize is that we all need to be creative. Even if we are a serious person who prefer law or math or whatever serious people prefer, we need a creative something in our life to make us whole. Creative Week was not only giving me the chance to get those juices flowing again, but to maybe inspire someone else to try something new.

Get creative; it’s good for you.




Travel Journal day 3 and 4

Day 3: Sunday

There wasn’t a post yesterday because it didn’t need one. I visited family and that’s it. I’m not going into detail with that one.

Day 4: Monday

Today was exciting indeed. We’re going to Disneyland!!!

The final part of my birthday celebration was a fun time, and we were determined. No matter how many obstacles.

Leaving late. Not fun, but not life threatening either. Very confusing directions. We got there eventually. But our biggest kicker was when Leroy, our small pup, was ALMOST disqualified from the Disney kennel. Luckily, they allowed him and we entered the park with better spirits.

I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. Having so much Halloween around was so much fun. And with all the characters meant to be spookier, it means certain peeps are out in the open.

My goal was to meet the Evil Queen. I had dressed in a civilian impression of her (also known as Disneybound), and she’s my favorite villain. Fortunately, the gods have smiled upon me as I got to walk and talk and take pictures, and she complimented my apple pin that I made myself.

I met plenty of other characters. Went on Haunted Mansion, my favorite ride. I had an absolute great time.

Now, we have spent an approximate 8 hours of just wandering around having a happy time. My feet are dead to the world; burning, sore beyond sore, stiff. My neck has gotten sore as well (injured a little). And I’m exhausted. It’s taking me like an hour and a half to get these thoughts in a post.

We are on our way back home to Potatoland.

Thanks for coming on this adventure with us.

We’ll have one more post tomorrow for getting home and that’s the end.

Travel Journal day 2

Day 2: Saturday

It started with a late morning only because I was dead to the world after some travelling for 24 hours.

At noon thirty, I met up with one of my best friends, Kiki. She took me to Burbank to a place she knew I’d love: Halloween Town. Of course I loved it! And I would’ve taken a ton of pictures but you can’t in the store. Oh well.

There were a few more geek stores or occult stores we had fun in where they also sold stuff like

Like, what?

Early evening. I went back to the hotel since Kiki had to get ready for a show. A show I went to!

She was in a show called Baskerville, a comedy reworking or Hound of Baskerville by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. As the only female, she played 14 roles.

The show was quite good. I was very impressed with the characterisations of the three actors who had to play multiple.

I got a backstage tour, and had an overall good time.

Came back to the hotel for Monty Python’s Flying Circus and pizza.

It was a good day.

Travel Journal day 1

You’re probably wondering (if you follow the website) why there was no post on Wednesday or yesterday. Well, I’m travelling!

Day 1: Friday

I was dead to the world last night which is why I didn’t post but here we are now.

Thursday night at about 11 pm, Mother, Brother, and I left Potatoland Idaho and drove to California.

We only stopped to sleep once, for about 2 hours. Heaven help us.

Not much happened on the actual drive. I tried to catch up on reading (failed), Brother and I discussed Monty Python’s Flying Circus skits, and Mother and I discussed Mister Global (because that shit was hilarious).

Our end destination is Los Angeles, but we do have grandparents who live two hours outside of the city, so we decided to stop there. Brother hadn’t seen them in 13-ish years. It was a lovely visit, with a surprise drop-in from an aunt and uncle who Brother has never met. We stuck around for an hour and a half, two hours, then we were off to LA.

After some issues with the hotel (because it’s not a true TG road trip without issues), dinner, and Flying Circus, we were far too exhausted and just passed out at about 11.

A full 24 hours with about 3-4 hours of sleep.

While Friday wasn’t bad, Saturday will be better.