When the Boycott Comes to an End

Hello, again.

So, I’m slowly ending the boycott. I started with TikTok because I watched very specific people after the boycott. Then I entered the land of Pinterest. These two places have been the most positive in my experience and remain so.

And now, I’m coming back to my website.

I’m still feeling very down, so I’ll be staying away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

However, I’m also working on my mental health and empathy so I can be back on soon.

Here’s where things become a bummer: when I posted my last blog (read it here), I made a point for those with empath friends to check on them.

Something I was hoping my friends would do.

Eighteen days later, and nothing. No one has checked on me. None of my friends have contacted me to see if I was okay or to even ask how my day is (or whatever else friends converse about). Eighteen days. I’ve disappeared from the interface, and people I’ve talked to regularly haven’t reached out. What I have received was a joke about Howl’s Moving Castle and a text asking for positive vibes.

Oh well.

People get busy. People forget. The world is mayhem at the moment and people have other concerns. My friends are adults with lives.

Of course it hurt. But I understand.

And it took those 18 days to understand.

Anyway, apologies for a sudden vent. While I’m still sad, I’m not upset (if that makes sense).

The boycott has already taught me a lot.

We’re back on schedule, so expect something on Wednesday and Friday.

Thanks for your patience, and let’s have some fun again.




This is actually going to be very hard for me…

I’m sure you all know what’s happening in the world. This time is very hard for a person like me who has very poor mental health AND is an empath.

So you can imagine what I’m like when I log on to anything these days.

Everything hurts, and it’s hard to remain hopeful.

In order to help myself right now, I am doing a personal boycott from all social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, even Pinterest. I’m also staying away from most sites. Essentially, I’ll only be using the internet for work and Spotify.

That does include this site as well.

I don’t know how long I plan to split. It could be 48 hours, it could be a month, could be longer. Depends on what I feel is right for me.

Again, this is personal due to my own individual issues. Issues that are private and I would rather not get into. I just ask one thing:

If you know of any other empaths, check on them.

Stay safe, guys.



Where I’ve Been


I’ve been MIA from my blog since Assistant Edgar last made a post for me…in January…


I apologize.

Ever since I updated my blog, things got mad crazy! For several reasons, of which I’ll mildly explain (though further explain in other posts if you wish): school, work(s), theatre, home, COVID-19, pets, personal.

As you may know, I’m a grad student. Again. This semester is far more difficult than last semester. I’m going mad with how much schoolwork they have given us. It’s been a constant ‘yikes’ mood.

Due to financial problems amongst me and my roommates, I have two jobs. Yes, you read right. Full-time grad student with two jobs. Even with that, I’m not making enough (but there’s a deeper reason behind that one).

I received some good news about some theatre work recently (no spoilers), but it requires A LOT of work on my part. Extra stress.

And, of course, the Corona virus. It’s stopped all of our lives, hasn’t it? I can’t work at one of my jobs and am having a dickens of a time situating the ‘working from home’ vibe. Plus a teacher roommate (she’s going crazy), Vladimir (who was going to school for welding so), and our pets who are freaked out. All I can say during this dreary time is that it will pass. We have to have patience. Know you’re not alone. And WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!

But I’m so happy to be writing again. I’ve always loved writing, and not being able to for fun on my blog has definitely affecting my mental health in a real negative way. Time to take time for myself and get back into it. Self care!

Alright, lovelies, take care of yourselves and take care of each other. It’s a rough time but hold tight. We can get through this.

6-foot-away air-hug


An Update to the Website (part 2)

We’re back!

Do you like the new color scheme? The new pics? The new menu?

Today, I’m going to use my first post back giving you a little tour.

On the home page, the only thing that has changed is aesthetics. It’s still my blog where I’ll post (hopefully) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But I made it darker, I gave it an older book background, and I’ve changed the side bar. No books to read, no shameless YouTube plug. Just a shameless self plug, lol.

Nothing changed under the writing menu.

I now have a theatre menu, where I put most of my jobs I’ve had in theatre (from 2012 up). This is not only to serve as a fun trip down memory lane for me and you, but this could serve to my advantage in the (potential) professional world. Under the menu, I’ve separated the jobs into production, acting, and technical. I have also moved the makeup and cosplay under there, as well as the short films I’ve made.

Nothing changed under the art menu.

The contact menu, previously known as about me, is where you can get into contact with me for any reason. Under this menu, I also have the about me section.

And that’s what had changed!

Thanks so much for giving me this week to get my metaphorical ducks in a row, and I hope you enjoy the new look!



An Update to the Website

We’re not quitting it, so don’t worry about that.

I wanted to give it a tiny facelift in the hopes it can help me out a little more with potential careers.

So, while I get adjusted to the new semester and I go through the website, posts won’t be coming.

Expect them to come back by next Wednesday (22 Jan) when I actually have something interesting or insightful to say lol.

Until then, enjoy past posts, feel free to poke around because I have more than posts (writing, art, etc.), and by all means go visit other sites.

See you soon.



School is Back in Session

Winter break is over, fellow students. It’s time to go back to school.

This is just a little post to let you know my first class is today and the time has come for me to lose sleep and stress once again.

And if you are starting school this week (or next week like Vladimir), I wish you all the luck and success in the world.



Death Week; Hell Week

Hello, beautiful. I’m late with my post today (sadly not a surprise these days). Let me give a little update.

As I’ve said before, I am a full time grad student. And if you are familiar with how college works, there’s death week and then there’s hell week. Death week is the week before finals, when you’re killing yourself studying and getting assignments/projects done. Hell week, or finals week, is when you’ve died and now are suffering the worst torture.

Today is the first day of death week.

With that said, I’ll be around this week. A Thanksgiving message on Wednesday and November’s bookclub on Friday. But next week, I’ll be gone. I will be suffering through hell week. At least this time I give notice, right?

For those who are also dealing with death week and/or hell week soon, good luck. Remember to rest and drink water and bathe. Also remember that your grades do not define you as a person. But make sure you work hard!



Daylight Saving (and a bad holiday)

Apparently it’s not Daylight Savings.

Anyway, I’m not a personal fan of these two days a year. To me it makes no sense, but what do I know.

Another anyway, hope you all had a happy Halloween (I did not, which is why I disappeared for a moment). And I hope you have a happy November. Tomorrow is Bonfire Night to my British friends, and I wish I was there to celebrate with.

If you’ve had a bad holiday, know it doesn’t last forever. Use the disappointment in a productive way and make the next holiday better. Or, recelebrate on a different day, which is what I’m thinking of doing with Halloween.

Have a great day, lovelies.

Creative Week

This week has been quite busy (if you couldn’t tell from the last post), but I’m excited to bring Creative Week to the blog next week!

Monday will be a DIY on something I made for Disneyland.

Wednesday will be a costume made for a festival.

Friday will be a choice (meaning I’m not sure what yet). I’m debating between trying watercolour or going through the process of drawing people (from when I did commissions). If you have one you’d rather see, do let me know. I’ll take it into account.

But it’s not just the main posting days that are getting creative!

Tuesday and Thursday will bring a new story for my writing tab.

Saturday will bring…a surprise (*wink*)

Sunday is a day of rest. Or just basic sketching.

Let’s get creative! Join me if you want, I’d love to see your creations.



Introducing Leroy Barkley

img_8276I’ve been out and about dealing with a DOG.

Meet Leroy Barkley. He’s now part of the family (aka, he’s Mother’s dog).

He’s a 3-year-old Jack-Chi, and is super cute. And can be super hyper. The good news, though, he likes to play with the cats and they aren’t scared of him.

Anyway, Leroy (plus school and work) has been taking some time away from me, hence why I forgot a Monday post. Oops.

Say hi!

See you Friday.