In the Month of May…

I kind of like having a monthly repost. If not for others, but to remind my own self what I’ve done this month. So here’s what happened in the month of May:

In Writing

I’ve got a short scene that I actually wrote in a playwriting class a while ago. I re-found it, and decided to put it up here. It’s called Funeral. It’s meant to be funny…

In Art



The muse was not as flaming as I was hoping she’d be. More like a little sparkle. At least I was able to do something.

In Videos

Guess who finally updated stuff.

In Characters you can find the short description of characters I use in my videos, including Vladimir, the Roommates, and the Cats.

I also have a new section, called Goals, in which I list (and cross off) YouTube goals I have made for myself.


Not too much of an eventful month, my beautiful people. However, the coming summer months will prove to be quite fun. I look forward to talking to you guys about it.

I am getting slowly but surely better at adding to my blog (despite gaps in actual posts). But that’s simply what I was striving for.

And that was May.

I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. Thanks! ❤



In the Month of April…

I thought since I don’t always announce when I add some art or writing or whatever, I could make a post on the last day of every month to let you guys know what’s new.

In Writing

I put the book reviews in their own page in this section. So far, I have Schindler’s List and This is Where it Ends.

There is also a new short story called Orientation Apocalypse that I wrote on a whim one day after some upsetting conversations. It’s fun, and is meant not to be taken politically (which I’m sure scares some).

In Art

Nothing new, unfortunately. I am hoping to embrace the art muse in the month of May.

In Videos

This section is still getting set up, so there’s nothing quite to see yet.

I will let you know that in the coming week, there will be a complete page of the characters on my channel, specifically the Roommates and Vladimir. The other page to be worked on (with no promise of completion this week) is the analysis of my current short films.

And, yep, that’s what’s new this month. I have been trying to keep up with this blog, and I have to say, I’m doing better than I did in the month of March. I want to get better, though.

Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. Thanks! ❤



Bullet Journaling

I’ve been utilizing a bullet journal for about a year and a half now (since August 2016). I always love changing it up, and have been recently. But also I want to use my site and show off what I’m doing. Isn’t that the point? So how about monthly bujo spreads? Starting with March:

march bujo 1

Cover page, where I have video plans and whatever else I want.

march bujo 2_LI

Monthly spread: includes goals, mood tracker, bill tracker, birthdays, and start/end weight.

march bujo 3_LI

Weekly spread: this is what it generally looked like, including meal plans

march bujo 4

I usually have a page of comics or random pictures that make me laugh/shows how I feel.

march bujo 5_LI

I’m in therapy because homegirl’s got a lot of problems, and I try to keep track of stuff.

march bujo 6_LI

Of course, it is a journal. And a place to draw stuff, sometime uplifting.

march bujo 7_LI

Making to-do, to-pack lists for the now-past trip to California

march bujo 8_LI

Then, during my time in the big CA, Bujo Ben turned into a travel journal. P.S. California by Blink-182 is nice and sweet, and the perfect theme for me in this state.

march bujo 9_LI

Finally, I end the month with thoughts about the month. I list big things, good and bad, and make an observation about them.

Now, this is definitely not the complete month of March from Bujo Ben. Perhaps 5-10% of the pages from the month. These pages are just a snipit, a look into some of the main pages of the month and examples for basic formatting.

Anyway. Bullet journaling. It’s awesome. March was cool…

Enjoy the way you organize your life, guys. Don’t let anyone shame you about the way you function.




Road Map

I’ve had this website for 20 days now. I haven’t fully updated this site (and actually it’s still not fully updated). But I have a format that I am currently enjoying that I would like to share with you guys. And with this format, you’ll be able to see what I enjoy, see my hobbies in full swing, see parts of me. I also believe that with this format I’ll be able to share far more with you.

So without further ado, here’s how to get around my website.



Clicking on the writing tab will give you an intro to what you could read, including a synopsis of each written piece.

menu writing

Going into the drop menu, you’ll find the written pieces. At the very top, I have book reviews as I am trying a reading challenge for 2018.


Clicking on the art tab will give you another intro to my style and what I like to do.

menu art

Going into the drop menu, you’ll find the styles. Every category has multiple pieces for you to browse at your own pace.


Clicking on the obvious tab, you’ll find an intro (because I obviously love intros). What I like to do, what I have done, what I use

menu videos

The drop menu will provide you with a summary of the characters used in videos, including the Roommates and Vladimir. As well, there are analysis for the short films I have done so far.

About Me

Not even an intro this time. Clicking on the tab will take you to the contact page, where you can email me any questions or comments you may have.

menu about me

This drop menu includes a ‘favorites’ list (books, movies, etc.), a gallery of stage/costume makeup and cosplay I have done in the past, and quotes that I enjoy having around and sharing. What’s ‘more?’ Well, it’s more.

Now that I’ve given you a lovely little road map of how to find your way around, I sincerely hope you find fun in it.