A Message from All of Us

Everyone has a message for you…

From Assistant Edgar:

I am taking a break. Miss TG has been busy with various things including school, work, volunteering, and family issues, so I have been stretched thin. As you can imagine, so has Miss TG.

However, things can only get better when you’re feeling down. Miss TG will be working hard, and I’ll be taking a vacation.

Have a good week, and a good quarter.


Assistant Edgar

From Caregiver Willow:

Hey, friends! ^_^

As you a-see, I had boo-boo. T.T

But I a-better now, mostly!

I still have a-boo-boo, but I out of cone of shame!

I be okay. And so will you! ❤

I a-believe in you!

For now, I a-heal. Miss Alexandra take care of you! ^_^



From Daughter Sophie:

I haven’t talked to you guys at all, and you haven’t seen me since I was adopted.

But Mama has been in, out, and everywhere else. She hasn’t been as attentive to me. Rude T.T

I just want you to know that even if she doesn’t seem to be taking care, she’s got you guys on her mind. Mama just feels bad about letting you guys down.

I’ll help out when I can, lol. Can’t do much, but I can try and I certainly do.

Be good to yourself and accept help when you need it.



From Certified Black Cat Toothless (and brothers Bram and Ash):

I just want you guys to be aware that Halloween season is coming up.

Be aware of black cats around this time.

We are adopted and abandoned, abused, and killed.

Please be good.



Is that good, Alexandra? Yeah? Cool.

From Alexandra:

Hey, friends.

Yes, I had a birthday. Yes, I dyed my hair blue. Yes, I’ve been gone for a few weeks.

Balance doesn’t exist right now, but we’re trying our best.

The reason I wanted everyone to give a message is because they won’t be giving messages anymore. I’m not happy with them (the messages, not the cats) and I wanted to move on, now that I’m trying newer things in life.

I’ve got some plans for the next few weeks of posts, but if I drop the ball again just know I either had a huge essay to write or I had some volunteering/shadowing going on.

Thanks for being you, and I hope we can all learn more together.



Message from Caregiver Willow

img_7389Hello! ^_^

It me, a-Willow!

A lot been a-happening in TG home!

And because, Alexandra overwhelmed U.U

She a-took long nap with a-weight blanket on top, so her a-chest hurt and she a-full of stress U.U

It a-okay! ^A^

Alexandra a-try her best, and she will get a-through!

You too!

You will get a-through! ❤



P.a-S. You like new pic? Should I a-keep? ^_^

To California and Back

As said in my wee little update on Monday, I had gotten back from California. So, now I’ll explain why I was there in the first place.

Way too early on Friday morning, my mother and I went down to LA, California from Undisclosed, Idaho. We drove down with the goal of picking up my uncle, who is now going to live with us in Idaho. Uncle has lately been suffering from various medical issues to the point where he can’t be on his own.

Friday consisted of driving down and then a dinner with my brother who lives in LA. That’s it.

Saturday, Mother and I spent more time with Brother. We got breakfast at Portos (which was delicious but an experience), we walked on a trail (which was awful for SO many reasons), then we walked down Hollywood Blvd (which…yeah). It was cool to walk or whatever, but if you are unaware, I wear all black and it was HOT. I also have a medical heat sensitivity, so my time there was not nice. However, Mother found a Sanrio store, something we hadn’t seen in years, and I was able to find Danny Kaye’s star, which is all I cared about.

Thankfully, we also went to my friend’s house, who also lives in LA. I must thank her for a calming atmosphere and introducing me to Over the Garden Wall, which I will be binging a lot more. (Also, Inigo, I’m gonna send this to you, we had a deal, I watched Over the Garden Wall, you need to watch Men in Tights). It’s nice when you have a stressful time full of emotions to have a calming place with a calming person. Thanks, Inigo.

After that, I went to my cousin’s house, who ALSO lives in LA (everyone lives in LA). And Brother came over for a movie (Shoplifters, 2018, 3.5/5 stars).

Sunday, we left…ugh. I think the plan was to leave before 10 am? We didn’t start leaving LA until 2 in the afternoon. I was already not in the best state of mind due to a lot of high emotions throughout the past week, so it wasn’t a good way to start a road trip.

We didn’t get home until after 5 in the morning.

But, now we’re back, Uncle is trying to settle amongst our cats, and I’m trying to relax my high emotions before I go back to work (which, this will be published after I go back to work, so we’ll see how I did).

Sometimes travelling isn’t necessarily fun or a vacation. But it’s still necessary. We do what we have to do, make it work, and do our best.



Minor Update

Hey friends.

Letting you know, we got back from LA, California not long ago, so I’m not prepped with the time or thought process to write a proper blog post.

Still wanted to be on time though, lol.

Wednesday, I’ll explain my little California trip, and why we went down.

You’re amazing! Just thought I’d remind you in case you forgot.

See you Wednesday.



Minimalism versus Maximalism

Minimalism seems to have become a trend. I enjoy seeing it. Minimalism is such a pretty aesthetic. As well, minimalism is a huge thing in theatre we greatly value.

But it’s not for me.

This is kind of a continuation of my last post, when I talked about memories I keep on my bookshelves in my library. I have a lot, and I love it all. I’m quite on the opposite spectrum of minimalism: maximalism.

Maximalism is considered a loud style, full of colors, excess, patterns, and collections, and an aesthetic on it’s own.

Some say it follows a tagline of “more is more”, which I don’t agree with. I’m not stacking stuff on stuff for the sake of an aesthetic. I’m combining memories and mementos together creating that loud style. It’s not “more is more”, it’s “I’ll put up whatever I want that speaks to me and my experiences with no apology”.

What I enjoy about maximalism as opposed to minimalism is how personal it is. No one has the same stuff on the walls or items on the shelves, at least not altogether. It’s original, unique, and personal. I love that.

Minimalism, maximalism, it doesn’t matter which you prefer. Enjoy what you want your surrounding aesthetic to be, even if you’re not sure what it is. Don’t judge others for how they decorate or don’t decorate their spaces.



Memories in My Library

I recently had to move my little library into a different room, and while some may ooh and ahh about the amount of books I have, I make sure my shelves are covered not only by the memories I’ve read but the memories I’ve lived.

So, I thought I’d go through some random memories I have on my shelves with my books.

img_9998First, I have a drumstick. A single drumstick. It looks rough like it’s been hella used (it has). If you’ve been to concerts for bands, you’ll know at the end of the concert the band members will toss out various items including guitar picks and drumsticks. Now, let me tell you about Travis Barker, drummer for Blink-182. I’ve always resonated with the drums, and Travis is my favorite drummer. I love his work and his talent. I went to a Blink-182 concert, was right in front of the stage, and at the end of the concert when Travis tossed his drumsticks, I caught one! It was a great concert, made even better by having the best kind of merch. So I keep it on my shelf, a place I see often.

img_0001Second, yes, that’s a skull. I love skulls, I have a ton as decoration, but this is the one that means the most to me. Why? Because I made it. Sort of. It used to be a regular, white, basic skull until I took props class and we all had to recreate our skulls. I’m proud of my work in props, I enjoy prop work greatly, and my love of skulls has only strengthened. So, Friend here (yes, that’s his name) has been a good companion. Even brought him to Glasgow when I lived out there.

img_0002Third, a zombie barbie doll. She was originally nailed to a wood plank but the wood broke. Kept the doll, though. When I was in my undergrad, my props prof created something called the Zombie Walk, in which we terrorize Main Street dressed as zombies. Ends with a block party. There were awards for best walk, best thriller dance, best makeup, etc. that my prof made…out of barbie dolls. So, my little barbie zombie was an award for best zombie makeup, and it’s been an inspiration since.

img_0004Lastly, my little Ghibli shelf. Beyond the books, I have a little Heen, a little Teto, and a tiny painting of Totoro. Obviously, I love Ghibli, so it has it’s own section. Heen is from a store in Glasgow called Tokyo Toys, Teto is from a stuffed animal maker in Japan, and the painting is by a friend named Charles, who gave it to Mom before he moved to Texas (which I promptly stole). Ghibli has been special to me since I first started watching the movies, and little items like these just make me happier.

If you have random items that remind you of moments or feelings, they are worth keeping around. Seeing these memories remind me of where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced. Keep the happy memories around you, in whatever way you want. For me, it’s decor and items I received scattered about my shelves in my library. It’s always a joy to see them.



August Bullet Journal & Reading

This month is my mother’s birthday month, so I wanted to go with a green theme. Because I have some green washi tape with Totoros, I decided to make August’s theme Studio Ghibli, specifically Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli work. My Neighbor Totoro is also her favorite Ghibli movie, so it worked out well.

As usual, I tried some new things. We’ll see how it works this month.

I have these little block letter stamps that I thought would be cute, so I used them a lot, including with the cover page’s quote which took forever. The quote is from Miyazaki accompanied by stickers of him.

I decided to utilize my calendar since it just sat looking pretty the past several months, so I made it a habit tracker, in a way. It’s habits/health issues I want to keep track of on my journey to better myself. I did keep the separation of bills, entertainment, creative, and bettering sections I used last month, since it worked well. And I separated them with the most iconic line from Howl’s Moving Castle.

For my weekly, I put in sections for individual days, which is my biggest help, and sections for various weekly things including meal planning, finances, weekly goals, and to-dos. These can be filled as needed, so there’s no pressure to me to fill them up. It’s for my benefit and not meant to be an obligation. Each week is assigned a different Miyazaki Ghibli movie: Princess Mononoke, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro (for my mom’s birthday week), and Spirited Away. There’s an accompanied sticker and quote.

With my decor page, I stuck strictly to Ghibli rather than color. Next to the decor page, I put a check list of Miyazaki Ghibli movies. I’ve yet to see two, which I will remedy this month.

Overall, I’m loving this theme and organization.

Now for books.

In July, I read FIVE books. Five! I guess nothing was happening this past month for me to do anything but read. The books were Never Grow Up, The White Sniper, The Scarlet Letter, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and Unsolved Murders. Out of these five, The Ocean at the End of the Lane was the best; I’ve really loved Gaiman’s writing style and characters. No book was really bad; they were all good, so I recommend them all.

This month, I’m going to try to read three books. School starts up, so my time won’t be as expendable. The books I’m planning on reading are You Do You, How to Catch a Killer, and Tale As Old As Time. Let me know if you have read/are going to read these books and let me know what you think.

We’re here for bettering ourselves, through journaling and reading, so remember to work on bettering yourself whatever that may mean to you.



Self-Care Journal

img_9912A while ago, while at Target, I came across a journal that caught my eye. This is not much of a surprise considering how many journals I own/have been through. But I bought it.

It’s an actual self-care journal, and each page has something like a goal, or at least just something to do that could be considered self-care. Then it asks, what did you do today to take care of yourself? followed by lines to write your response. And it ends with a place to put your mood and energy level from 1-10.

I was really diggin’ on this considering my actual bullet journal has become much more of a planner as of late. Maybe I could write about my feelings again.

Then my feelings fell by the wayside as everything started to hit and I couldn’t process what emotions were anymore.

But I’m here to try again.

My plan is to, every day, do what the goal/self-care something tells me to throughout the day. Sometimes it can be time consuming like konmari-ing your closet and sometimes it can be super simple like breathe deeply. Whatever it is, we’re gonna do it. At the end of the day, I’ll write how I fared and answer the other necessary questions.

This journal has almost an entire year worth of pages. So, I guess I better get started.

Don’t neglect your self-care, and if it takes a blatantly obvious journal to get your emotions understood it’s okay. Take care of you to be the best you can be at this moment.



P.S. Today’s goal is actually to breathe deeply, so take a large breath with me now.

Breathe in.




Breathe out.




When Crafting Can Be Too Much & Ideas

Edit: I checked earlier this time, but it still didn’t publish on time, so I’m definitely gonna fix whatever happened here, okay, on with the post.

I have a lot of hobbies.

I’m a creative and crafty person, always have been, and I love making things. But I’ve noticed lately that, growing into adulthood, maybe I have too many. I won’t have time beyond a career and self-care and relationships to do as much as I want to do.

First of all, what are my hobbies? Well…

Making jewelry, making pins, painting, drawing, reading (duh), making videos (sort of), writing, penpaling (also sort of), journaling, sewing, cosplay, cross stitch, crafting in general, and of course theatre in general. I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember anymore off the top of my head.

Like I said, I have too many. And it’s begun taking a toll on me because I look at my craft tower and all the supplies I have, and I realize that it’s gathering dust. I haven’t made a pair of earrings in a while. Last pin I made was maybe nine months ago. There’s an unfinished cross stitch project that’s been sitting since Christmas. And let’s not get started on my TBR bookcase.

So, what can I do? I enjoy doing these things, but I hate having so much/leaving it to rot almost. And with the school semester coming up, I’m going to have even less time. Do I quit some of my hobbies? Or do I leave it all to be forgotten about?

I think I have an idea…

First of all, I don’t have any physical hobbies. So, I need to find something I can enjoy that’ll keep me in shape, or at least in a healthier state. That’s something for me to research on my own.

Second of all, what in my hobbies do I consider more ‘lifestyle’, or will help advance my career/goals/dreams? There’s three: reading, writing, and theatre. I’m not getting rid of these three, not now not ever. I have a Masters in a theatrical field I want to combine with my current studies. Writing is a dream AND goal as I want to be a writer. So, I keep working on that in the hopes I can get published/performed one day. And reading is just so special, and works with my writing dream and current studies. These hobbies are sailing.

Third of all, what in my hobbies do I believe I can utilize more? If I decide ever to open an online shop, it would be with jewelry and pins, and I’ve also made money with my drawings (not paintings, though I could add it in). The question becomes, can I actually do that? Is my work good enough to sell? Would anyone actually want it? I’d be willing to try, but it’s not at the forefront of my mind. These hobbies are floating.

And lastly, for the rest of my hobbies, are they ones I do once in a blue moon for something special, or are they gathering dust due to being on the bottom of the craft totem pole? For those who are once in a blue moon depending on situations, which are cosplay, sewing, and penpaling, I can keep them around since they don’t weigh on my mind and I still enjoy them. For those who gather dust due to neglect, which are making videos, cross stitch, and crafting in general, it might be best just to let them sink.

What about journaling? Moving it more into the self-care arena might help that one.

These are my thoughts and ideas about what I can do with my gazillion hobbies.

If you’re like me with perhaps too many things on your plate, take into account those questions about

  1. Do you have a physical hobby to keep you healthy?
  2. What hobbies are sailing?
  3. What hobbies are floating?
  4. What can you keep around for that once in a blue moon project?
  5. And what can you let sink?

Hopefully this helps some of you. I’m going to go put it into practice now…



Books My Friends Think Are Flawless

Edit: for whatever fluffin’ reason, my post didn’t publish on time. When I went to double check, I found that out, so here it is now. Sorry about that.

Now, I did say I liked movies. I do; I love movies. But, I especially adore books. If you’ve been here a while, you know that’s not a surprise. And much like movies, my opinions seem to be different not only from critics but audiences too. My opinions tend to stand out (which was particularly nerve-wrecking in my many literature classes in college). So, while I was asking about movies they thought were flawless, I also asked what books were flawless. I got significantly less answers, since many of my friends don’t read as much. And like the movies, I didn’t ask for a reason, just titles.

  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Help
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • the Dresden Files series
  • Everyone Poops (yes, this was an actual answer)
  • Inkheart
  • Penguins Hate Stuff
  • Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Leven Thumps & the Gateway of Foo
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

And that’s what I got.

Again, opinions are so diverse. And I’ve only read three of these, which means opinions can be personal, not universal, and/or not readily available.

To repeat what I said last time about movies, figure out what you like, watch what you like, and don’t let critics, or even those around you, tell you what to enjoy. What I enjoy others may not, and what others enjoy I may not. (Am I the only lady who doesn’t particularly enjoy Pride and Prejudice?)

Let me know what you consider flawless, if you would like to add to the list.