April Book Club

Well, how about that.

I was able to read the four books I had actually planned. So, let’s get into this:

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

This appealed to me after multiple reviews and sources compared her writing to Agatha Christie. I love Christie and her writing, so I gave this a shot. I can understand why they said that; it was very Christie-esque. Though, the ending was much more predictable than Christie ever was. It was a much better mystery than a lot of the modern books today. I do recommend it if you like mysteries.

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

This was a yard sale find, and the summary on the back of the book drew me in to buy it. The beginning was fascinating! And that’s the only good thing I can say about it. It started with such promise, then it just got long winded and boring and confusing. Great concept, poor execution. Nah, I don’t recommend this one.

The Outsider by Stephen King

Guys, I found this at my local bookstore for 50 cents! And I wanted to read more Stephen King, so what a good place to start. This was actually more of a murder mystery/suspense than sci fi or horror. Of course, with King, there’s a supernatural element to it, but it just adds to the mystery of it all. The characters were great, the story was great, and I was itching to know what happened next. If you like a good suspense, I do recommend this.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

John Green recommended this book in a vlogbrothers video, and it seemed up my alley. Also, I found this book for 50 cents at the local bookstore. I’ve been so lucky finding these books around. I read this in one sitting, finishing at 2 in the morning because I couldn’t put it down. It was raw and true and I connected with it. This may be a new favorite. I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone.

For May, I plan to read five books: The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke, White Oleander by Janet Fitch, The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, Home by Julie Andrews, and The Ugly One by Leanne Statland Ellis.

See you at next month’s book club!

Chibi Self

I found a website where you can make yourself into a chibi character. And this is what I did for me:

I posted it on social media with the comment ‘just needs a fatter face’.

And I realized today, what a shame to say something negative first rather than positive.

So, here’s my chance to actually compliment my Japanese chibi self: how cute!!

Website: https://picrew.me/image_maker/8687 just warning, it is in Japanese

Making a Morse Code Necklace

I’ve been seeing a trend on Pinterest of morse code necklaces and bracelets. I wanted to add my own twist to things.

Presenting my version of the morse code necklace:

Start with your basic supplies and the word you want. I have my plier tools, big beads, small beads, and long beads, pre made cord necklace, and rings.

The word I went for was ‘warrior’, which is actually pretty simple in morse code.

Cut seven plastic wires (I changed from copper wire to plastic).

Make a knot at the end of each one and place the small bead at the bottom. Make sure the bead can’t get through the knot.

Using the big beads and long beads, spell your word using each individual wire for every letter.

Put them in order on the cord necklace, and voila.

It’s nice and simple, but can hold such meaning depending on what word you use.



Why I Don’t Like Musicals

I’m a theatre person. I’ve said that so many times, but I always get hung up/questioned about a certain aspect of my theatre passion.

I don’t like musicals.

Sure, some musicals are cool and I like them (The Producers, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I guess Into the Woods). Some musicals have a couple of good songs and I can tolerate them (Les Miserables, Wicked, even Shrek the Musical). And the majority of musicals I just don’t like. Even if they have one song I like, it doesn’t save the entire musical (Dear Evan Hansen, as an example).

Overall, I prefer straight plays. I would rather go off Broadway to see Death of a Salesman than go on Broadway to see Hamilton.

“You can’t be a real theatre person if you don’t like musicals.” Okay…wrong. By that logic, you can’t be a singer if you don’t like opera. You can’t be a vet if you don’t like snakes. You can’t be a farmer if you don’t like goats. You can’t be a chef if you don’t like haggis.

You get it? Just because I don’t like a portion of theatre does not mean I am not a theatre person.

I started theatre as a kid, doing plays and a single musical. I found my real passion after doing ‘The Mousetrap’ by Agatha Christie when I was 13 years old. I was able to go to the Shakespeare festival when I was 14, where I fell in love with plays even more after watching ‘Faustus’. I was accepted to an acting school at 15 after performing ‘Antigone’. Yeah, I did musicals in high school. Only two. Everything else was a play.

There’s a part 2 to my preference over plays. It has to do with my own talent. On my way to college, I adored acting. I can prat fall, clown, and move all kinds of ways if need be. When I was 14, I was in choir and my teacher told me I couldn’t sing. When I was 15, I was told that again. When I was 16 and 17, the musicals always cast show choir people rather than drama kids. So, I just accepted my fate of being a shit singer, and stuck my passion into plays.

And the last little part: I like shows grounded in some sort of reality. Random singing and dancing does not do that for me. I’d rather watch acting than singing and dancing.

In no way am I saying musicals shouldn’t exist or that they are below straight plays. It’s just not for me. Plays and musicals, one is not better than the other in the theatre world. I just prefer plays.

Wherever your preferences for your hobbies lie, you’re not wrong.




Easter is this Sunday. Meaning today is Good Friday. And the first day of Passover.

Happy everything.

This is just my little note to all of you who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter!

Eat eggs and ham (I just realized Easter I practically Dr. Seuss Day). Paint those eggs green. Eat chocolate. Watch Peter Rabbit (the old one actually based on Beatrix Potter’s books). And find a bunch of plastic with more chocolate. Enjoy baskets!

I hope you have a great holiday.

And for those who don’t celebrate, I hope you have a great weekend.

Easter Hugs!


Crying Over Notre-Dame

If you didn’t know, Notre-Dame cathedral burned on Monday.

I was beyond heartbroken when I found out. And that whole day was a mess as I followed along the live news for hours and cried. I listened to the Broadway album of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and the cathedral’s actual church bells on YouTube. And I stared at the pictures I took myself of Notre-Dame when I went to Paris. I felt such grief for this place.

Something about me, Notre-Dame is one of my favorite buildings. I feel a deep connection to this place, though I have near-never visited. Its architecture, its beauty, its history, its significance, I love it all. It was important to me.

Then Monday came around. Of course, I mentioned my grief on Facebook, as someone would do. Someone mentioned me why I was so upset. I explained what a significant place Notre-Dame is. They came back with, ‘But that’s nothing to cry about. Yeah, it’s sad, but you’ve been there once. It’s not like you’re there everyday.’

Now, I was not upset with this friend, despite their insensitivity. Sometimes people don’t understand the significance a person or place has on them. It’s no less than grieving over the death of a celebrity. One of my best friends was a mess over David Bowie’s death because he played a big role in her life, even if she never met him.

So, my advice is when someone is upset about the death of a celebrity or the burning of a building, do not treat it lightly. They have a reason they’re upset; find out what part that person or place played in their lives and development.

I’m still a blob over the burning of Notre-Dame, even if it didn’t burn to the ground.

Cosplay Makeup

I’ll occasionally get questions about makeup, especially since I’m the one in town to go to for stuff like that.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need fancy makeup anythings.

Everything can be done using regular everyday makeup. I do it all the time. The only thing I say anyone needs to have beyond makeup is fake blood. But you can even make that on your own so you don’t need to pay out the nose for fake blood.

Anyway, eyeshadow is my saving grace for absolutely everything. And I get to give you examples. img_4589

Need to become a fawn? Brown and black eyeshadow with white eyeliner.

IMG_1203Want something more decorative to become the element Earth? Green, gold, and brown eyeshadows. That’s all I used on that!



Maybe some basic scarring? Yep. Eyeshadow.


Or if you want more intense scarring to be like the cool kids, you can use tissue. That’s right! Basic everyday makeup and tissue/toilet paper.



And if you want a glossier finish beyond what eyeshadow/powder can do for you, try water. Mix that powder with a wee bit of water and boom. Face paint.

And those are some ideas I wanted to share.

Enjoy the weird photos and the exorbitant amount of blood I put into a lot of my looks. I don’t have a problem…

Don’t feel like you need to shell out to cosplay or costume. You really don’t, at least not in the makeup department. Use that money on the actual costume department or whatever you will.

There was no real point to this post, but I wanted to make it so here it is! ^_^




The last day of taxes here in the States are Monday, 15 April.

But why do we have tax season? Why do we get tax refunds? (Note: I do not mind getting money, but I want to know why I have to worry about that kind of thing every end of winter/beginning of spring)

Apparently, you get a tax refund when you overpay in taxes.

Your job withholds money from your paycheck for the government to determine what your actual tax amount is. And every year, they return what you ‘gave’ more of.

Because I, in all honesty, don’t know shit about taxes (hence why I make this post), I did a bit of Googling as to why this all happens in the first place. I found one guy explain the actual refund/the overpaying part:

“You and your buddy go out for drinks every so often. To make things easier you both kick in $200/mo into a joint checking account and pay for everything out of that account. At the end of the year, you need to settle up and zero the account. You go through each receipt and determine who was responsible for each cost, and pay out the appropriate remainder. With the account at $0, you both start kicking $200/mo into the account again.” (link)

But why do we actually overpay? Well, I found two different answers, both surprisingly from the same article.

1. It’s so we can avoid UNDERpaying taxes and have to owe money to the IRS in April

And 2. We are essentially loaning the government money for free, which they ‘return’ every end of winter/beginning of spring. (click for the article)

So, that’s what I found. I don’t know how much is true and how much could be nonsense. Either way, I have a headache just from trying to figure out why this happens.

Make sure you file your taxes. Deadline 15 April. That’s it.

Hugs (and aspirin)


A Message from Assistant Edgar

It is 10 April, 2019.IMG_1570

It has been five months and five days since I have spoken to you thus.

As you have been informed, Miss Alexandra had been quite busy, and so I was quite swamped with my work as well.

However, keeping busy has helped me learn what the best way to organize myself and Miss Alexandra’s affairs have been.

My advice today is to figure out how to best work, especially in unfavorable conditions. Not everyone has the same way to get work done, so once you know how you work at your peak you’ll be unstoppable.


Assistant Edgar

Comic Series part 2

On Friday I talked about a new comic series I was starting called Just Vinyl comics, in which I draw shitty chibi-like characters in every day life.

Today, I’m going to say that starting this Friday, 12 April, a new comic will be posted under the art tab in its own page (here).

Because I’m at work while posting this, you get this beautiful piece.

Anyway, there are two new comics there now for you guys. And check that page out every Friday for a new comic.

Thanks for being awesome and indulging me!