I’ve always had a connection to color in words. Color keeps me organized, and it’s easier for me to differentiate various readings. While I was in grad school, we had a project that involved fairy tale princess (for another time). I wrote the princesses’ names in different colors, and when someone asked why, I said ‘because that’s how I see it’. She asked ‘do you have synesthesia?’ Did I?

First of all, what even is synesthesia?

Apparently, it’s a brain thing where you experience one of your senses leading to automatic experiences in a secondary sense. “Simply put, when one sense is activated, another unrelated sense is activated at the same time.” (source) Think back to the movie Ratatouille. Remy can hear music and see swirls of color when he tastes something. That’s a form of synesthesia.

While I cannot say for surety whether or not I have synesthesia, I do believe I have a form called Grapheme-color synesthesia, which is when letters and numbers are associated to specific colors. I associate words and numbers with color in nearly everything. That’s why Snow White was a pale purple and Cinderella was yellow.

The problem becomes that colors change for me. The word ‘apple’, purple when I look at it now, might become more blue later in life. The month of March used to be brown before becoming a pale orange.

I don’t know.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is I saw something on TikTok (surprise, surprise) when someone with Chromesthesia (when you see colors as you hear sounds) painted what a song looked like. Their username is jurisprune, and it’s fascinating to see.

So, I tried it in my own way.

I had Vladimir chose a song, and I painted as I read the lyrics (while listening to the song because I love music). The song he chose was ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ by The Beatles.

Here’s how it went:

I gathered up most of my basic colors and printed out the lyrics. Vladimir and I underlined some key words to hit in the painting. As for the painting itself…


Guys, we all know I’m not the best at painting, but I still had a good time with this. It’s not perfect, and there are only certain aspects I actually like. But this is the song as I read it. I concentrated a lot more than I thought I would. And at least I tried.

Enjoy and celebrate your quirks and special talents!



Benefit of Creative Week

Wanna know something pretty funny? Last week (Creative Week), I successfully uploaded a post or story every day on time. And today, I am late with my post…

At least I thought it was funny.

Let’s talk about Creative Week that just happened!

I pulled off a DIY, a costume post, two stories, trying some new art, and creating a special art project. It may have not been too smart of me to do it when I had two big assignments due within a day of each other that I was working on as well, but I did it. Also, I don’t recommend that.

But why did I have a Creative Week?

Several reasons, really.

One of them was due to the unsuccessful venture of inktober. I was able to get through five or six days when a very scared cat destroyed my sketch book. It was a shame, and I saw it as a ‘sign’ that I should focus on my school shit.

Here’s the next reason: I’m a very creative person. I’m constantly making something. Focusing on school, I can’t see the creative endeavor YET, and I was starved of creative juices (delicious?) So I went ham, cheese, and spam on getting creative.

What we need to realize is that we all need to be creative. Even if we are a serious person who prefer law or math or whatever serious people prefer, we need a creative something in our life to make us whole. Creative Week was not only giving me the chance to get those juices flowing again, but to maybe inspire someone else to try something new.

Get creative; it’s good for you.





{A song is associated with this art piece, so I recommend having it on in the background: YouTube link}


“Sometimes the only thing keeping me from ending it all is that I’m literally too scared to.” -Maren


“Life ain’t easy but it sure is beautiful.” -Dave


“Life is worth it because of faith and hope.” -Kirsten


“If you’ve been struggling, that’s okay, but don’t do it silently.” -Syd


“As long as we’re here we might as well do what we can to make this Earth a better place and make our own hearts happy.” -Elta


“Life can be fun. It can be whatever you make it.” -Steven


Confidence in your self-worth, your beauty, and that you’re doing what you believe is best for you and your world. -Brianna


(Sort of) Trying Watercolor

It’s almost the end of Creative Week!


Alright, friends, I took a break from my stress to do some watercolor. Or at least to try it out.

I had one of those cheapy Crayola ones, but it did the job. Obviously, I don’t know much about how watercolor works. The color is janky and the blending is nonexistent.

But I’m still happy.

Taking a break from the hellhole that is currently school (just too stressed and busy lol) doesn’t mean creating substantial art. It just means relaxing your mind. I simply did what I wanted to do that required the least amount of thinking, and this is what came.

When you get creative, whether for yourself or for others, remember to enjoy your craft. Creativity is nothing if it is not enjoyable to some capacity.

So, my janky Mother Earth will be placed somewhere in my library because I like it.



P.S. Special project coming tomorrow. It may come late tomorrow, but it’ll be here.

Creative Week

This week has been quite busy (if you couldn’t tell from the last post), but I’m excited to bring Creative Week to the blog next week!

Monday will be a DIY on something I made for Disneyland.

Wednesday will be a costume made for a festival.

Friday will be a choice (meaning I’m not sure what yet). I’m debating between trying watercolour or going through the process of drawing people (from when I did commissions). If you have one you’d rather see, do let me know. I’ll take it into account.

But it’s not just the main posting days that are getting creative!

Tuesday and Thursday will bring a new story for my writing tab.

Saturday will bring…a surprise (*wink*)

Sunday is a day of rest. Or just basic sketching.

Let’s get creative! Join me if you want, I’d love to see your creations.



Art Catch Up

Since I started Just Vinyl Comics, I’ve updated as a blog occasionally as almost a filler post while I get my other nonsense together.

That’s what today was going to be.

But, I only had five comics between now and the last catch up. So, I thought I’d share other art I’ve done since, including a few commission pieces. Some of it is a little…macabre, but I’ll be making a post dedicated to those pieces a little later.


If you’re interested in Just Vinyl Comics you can find the page under the art tab or here

If you’re interested in commissions you can find the info here

And other art exists under the art tab.



I’m in a precarious position of needing some money. However, I HATE asking for it. So I tried something I never planned on doing, but I am not opposed to:



If you didn’t know, I draw. Not terribly often, but more lately than usual. I have those little comics every Friday, sure, but my colored pencil work is what I advertised. I put it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, everything that I was doing commissions. I had quite a few people on all platforms enjoy my art, so I thought I’d do well.

I got two commissions.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed. But I am also understanding. Not everyone has cash to spare and/or not everyone has a need for colored pencil art. I get it.

Still a bummer, though.

Sometimes things don’t work out like you hope. I was hoping to be able to put a little cash into going to grad school orientation, but it didn’t quite work out. I was still happy to draw for two people who were able to help me out.

I’m still gonna draw. If you’d like to, you can commission me at but only if you’d like to.

And if I can give one more little inspirational message: don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Art-wise, I have much more talented friends and I feel like commissions aren’t something I’d be good at. But I still did it. You never know, guys.



Trying Chinese Brush Painting

Something like two years ago, I got a Chinese brush painting set. It was something else I could learn and maybe enjoy. Also, Chinese brush painting is beautiful, so I definitely wanted to try it.

Two years later, I’m finally trying it.

First things first, I gotta look into it. Luckily it came with a book, by painter Danny Han-Lin Chen.

Once reading is complete, gather your supplies:

  • Brushes (white cloud and orchid bloom)
  • Ink stick
  • Ink stone
  • Brush rest
  • Watercolor palette
  • Sketchpad that can handle watercoloring

In the book, there are paintings to try. Of course, I choose the easiest on to try first.

First attempt at a stroke was a fail, so let’s try again.

Better (not perfect, but I definitely didn’t expect it to be).

After I got more familiar with the brushes and how the ink worked, I diverged a little from the instructions. Not because I thought I was good enough to, but because some parts still confused me, so I did what I could/knew how to do.


And done.

I added some Chinese in the corner. I double, triple, quadruple checked that I got the word right, but I’m still nervous that I did wrong and accidentally wrote something real offensive. I tried to write the word ‘learn’.

Because that’s what we do here.

It’s not the most beautiful painting, but I think it’s pretty, and I’m proud. I’ll probably try it again.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.



Comic Catch-Up

A month or two ago, I started Just Vinyl Comics. This post is just updating you with some of the comics that has been added since. If you want to see all the comics, make sure you check it out under the Art tab, or click here.

Pretty sure if you just click on the comic, it’ll enlarge so you can see it.

Thanks for indulging Just Vinyl Comics.