An Update to the Website (part 2)

We’re back!

Do you like the new color scheme? The new pics? The new menu?

Today, I’m going to use my first post back giving you a little tour.

On the home page, the only thing that has changed is aesthetics. It’s still my blog where I’ll post (hopefully) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But I made it darker, I gave it an older book background, and I’ve changed the side bar. No books to read, no shameless YouTube plug. Just a shameless self plug, lol.

Nothing changed under the writing menu.

I now have a theatre menu, where I put most of my jobs I’ve had in theatre (from 2012 up). This is not only to serve as a fun trip down memory lane for me and you, but this could serve to my advantage in the (potential) professional world. Under the menu, I’ve separated the jobs into production, acting, and technical. I have also moved the makeup and cosplay under there, as well as the short films I’ve made.

Nothing changed under the art menu.

The contact menu, previously known as about me, is where you can get into contact with me for any reason. Under this menu, I also have the about me section.

And that’s what had changed!

Thanks so much for giving me this week to get my metaphorical ducks in a row, and I hope you enjoy the new look!



An Update to the Website

We’re not quitting it, so don’t worry about that.

I wanted to give it a tiny facelift in the hopes it can help me out a little more with potential careers.

So, while I get adjusted to the new semester and I go through the website, posts won’t be coming.

Expect them to come back by next Wednesday (22 Jan) when I actually have something interesting or insightful to say lol.

Until then, enjoy past posts, feel free to poke around because I have more than posts (writing, art, etc.), and by all means go visit other sites.

See you soon.



A Slow Start to the New Year

Does anyone else find life kind of dragging its feet for this new year?

Coming into 2020, I wanted to head straight into the year guns blazing, ready to go head butt it into submission. It didn’t turn out that way when I got severe influenza and some other plans turned on their heads.


I just wanted you to know that it’s okay to have a slow start. Remember, the tortoise ended up winning.

What you do not do it quit when it’s not going fast enough. Go the speed you can, knowing you’re still making strides toward the finish line.

I am hoping I pick up my feet a little, but I’m excited to keep going.



School is Back in Session

Winter break is over, fellow students. It’s time to go back to school.

This is just a little post to let you know my first class is today and the time has come for me to lose sleep and stress once again.

And if you are starting school this week (or next week like Vladimir), I wish you all the luck and success in the world.



And We’re Back

Woah, my last post was from 18 December last year (so, like, two weeks ago). Either way, where the hell have I been?

I honestly didn’t mean to leave you all hanging like that, but I was dealing with holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, yeah) and I got a VERY bad case of influenza. I was uber sick and juggling responsibilities.

Anyway, happy 2020!

Personally, I don’t do resolutions, but I have yearly goals (and no I don’t believe they are the same thing). But if you do have resolutions, I’m sending good vibes that you may work hard and achieve.

I would really like to actually stay on schedule for the year. With that said, school starts again this week so I’ll be back in the hustle of school, work, productions, and goals. Hopefully my assistant (who’s completely fine) can be my backup poster when things get hectic, lol.

Let’s have a good and productive year, beautiful people!



Christmas Movies I’m Planning on Enjoying

Like my Halloween movies post (found here) there are some Christmas movies I’m hoping to watch throughout the season. I haven’t started since writing this, but hopefully I can get my list done.

Some generic Christmas movies I enjoy include:

  • Santa Clause
  • Home Alone (and 2, fight me)
  • A Christmas Story
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Miracle on 34th St

And there’s more, but you’re here for the movies that aren’t precisely ‘Christmas’ but are what I watch around this time:

  • Nightmare Before Christmas (Vladimir will argue that this is a Halloween movie, but I think it’s a Christmas movie)
  • Die Hard (takes place on Christmas Eve)
  • Die Hard 2 (Christmas time as well)
  • Edward Scissorhands (the climax takes place around Christmas and snow is a huge factor)
  • Green Book (gotta get home in time for Christmas)
  • Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (also known as the Sherlock Christmas special)
  • A Studio Ghibli movie (for no real reason, really. I just like them around Christmas)

If I missed a movie, let me know. I’m planning on watching all of these before the new year, so let me know what you watch.

Enjoy your Christmas media!



Time to Shop! (Also, Happy Friday the 13th)

It’s time for Christmas shopping!

Here are some tips I use when I go shopping:

  1. Coupons! Yes, I sound like a total suburban mom, but coupons are literal wallet lifesavers. If you are members of any catalogs, keep an eye on coupons usually glued on the outside of them. Otherwise, a simple Google search could help you out. And make sure they’re in date.
  2. Reusable bags! Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are opaque so your friends and family can’t see what you bought them.
  3. Honey! This is if you’re buying anything online. There’s an extension for your Google called Honey, and all it does is provide promo and coupon codes for your online purchases. Costs nothing and saves you money, and I use it all the time. (This is not an ad, I just love Honey).
  4. Have! A! Budget! This is the biggest BIGGEST thing about shopping. Know how much you have and how much you can spend. Be frugal; don’t go overboard if you don’t have the case. Sit down with yourself before you do any shopping and know what you got.
  5. Go to multiple places! Various places have various prices, so it’s best to go to those various places to get the best prices you can. If that makes sense.
  6. Please, for the love of God, wear deodorant and have mints/gum! Shopping for Christmas is so crowded, and the only thing worse than bumping elbows with strangers is being around smelly ones. Don’t be that one.

I know I’m missing some, but these seem most important at the moment. As you go about your shopping, make sure you’re kind to yourself and those around you, especially the over-worked customer service workers.

Good luck.

AND happy Friday the 13th! Just wanted to say that, so double good luck with your shopping.



Finishing a Semester

78741619_10215728516380993_3577122662763200512_oThis past Friday I’ve finished the first semester in my graduate program.

Now, I’ve actually done a graduate program before. I have my Masters. So, yes, I’m going through it all over again. As opposed to my dramaturgy and playwriting degree I’ve gotten before, on campus, I’m pursuing Information Science online. It’s a whole new monster.

I went from an art to a science, essentially. From left brain to right brain. But it’s something I want to do.

The challenge this semester came from three things: time management, IT, and environment.

I love being organized. It’s something I do very well. But I absolutely suck at time management. I didn’t know how to properly do it this semester, and it really kicked my ass. And now I’m hoping I learned something to take into the next semester.

I can work my way around a computer, handling a blog, making videos, etc. But I never expected how much IT I would actually encounter. I knew I would be learning some new IT, but I didn’t expect to learn Greek AND Chinese. (Basically, I didn’t expect how much I would be learning and it really killed my brain for a hot minute).

I’ve always loved being in classes, having an instructor in front of me, taking space as it were. I liked having offices to go to, a library to study in, and peers ready to meet for a drink and a study session. Now that I’m doing everything online, it’s not the same. I get to wait for emails, studying exists almost solely in my own personal library, and the nearest classmate is literal hundreds of miles away. It’s tougher, but, again, I hope I’ve learned something I can take with me into the next semester.

So, my fellow college students, enjoy your winter break. And let’s hope together that we don’t kill ourselves next semester.



My Website as My Value

During one of my YouTube binges, I was watching a shit-ton of Anna Akana. I’ve mentioned her before, and I enjoy her work. She made a video not terribly long ago about investing in self…with a website (Video here). And it kind of made me think for a while.

Obviously, I have a website (welcome). But it’s definitely more of a blog than a way to show off my work. Yeah, I have writing and art, but is it enough?

I definitely spent time wondering if I’m doing enough and if the website really represents how I value myself and the investment I spend in me.

Now, these thoughts didn’t come from just Anna’s video. It came from one of my greatest enemies: comparison. When I first created this site, I shared with friends on the ever-loving, not-at-all-mentally-draining Facebook. The very next day, a theatre friend published a site of her own. She had so much traffic to her site while I had none. Obviously, not her fault, not her intention. She’s investing in herself, which is great! It’s just me and my dear old friend Comparison that makes me think maybe I have nothing of value to put on my site.

Turns out, I should just keep going whether Comparison bites my head off or not.

My value doesn’t come from my site. Bringing it back to Anna, it’s simply a way to invest in my future and my talents. Comparison can go somewhere else; the website is about me and my interactions with all of you. Even with that said, I’m thinking about some changes to the site.

What would you like to see more of here? What should I add to make it a better investment?

Anyway, to just bring it all together somehow, know your value does not depend on what anyone else is doing and invest in yourself however you believe is best for you.