The Good and the Bad

Something I’ve been noticing recently is every good has had a bad, and every bad has had a good. Seems to be switching back and forth. This is what’s been happening to me: On the same day I found out I was approved to graduate this semester, I was rejected from a library job that could’ve helped life tremendously. On the same day I publicly let people know that auditions for my play were happening, my car was in the shop and left me with a 700$ bill, something I definitely can’t afford right now. I’ll take part in something exciting, and I’ll drop my blog posts for a week (sorry about that).

I was talking with Vladimir about this, trying to convince myself that even though the bad is happening, that means a good is around the corner, right?


It’s been harder to convince me these days, as I’ve had a minor meltdown about finances this past weekend. Money hurts, especially when you don’t have it and your ‘bad’ involve finances. It’s not for lack of trying, as a full time grad student with a part time job, an internship, trying to get experience, trying to have side hustles like Etsy (which isn’t working). It is so much harder to convince me…

But, it’s true.

Good things are around the corner. It’s about continuing. And I’ll be continuing, wondering what the good thing around the corner is.

In addition to this existentialism, I did mention above that there are auditions for my play happening soon (specifically tomorrow). It’s a play I wrote, being produced in the big town next to my tiny town at a theater. This will bring those good things, I know. It’ll also bring my work to the stage properly for the first time ever, and I’ll be an emotional person the whole time. This Thursday, I’ll put a scene on for my Repertoire Thursday, so you guys can know what it’s about. I’ll be keeping you guys updated about it.

Remember, bad things do happen, but good things are right behind it.



Making: Jewelry for Etsy

The only reason I’m doing it now is because the store is back up.

I’ve been trying to sell jewelry as it’s been a fun hobby and something people told me to try. As well, I thought it was something I was good enough to do for a price.

Lately, the jewelry has consisted of earrings, necklaces, and recently, keychains.

I tried my hand most recently at waist beads. However, they broke pretty quickly, so I have to figure out a new method or material. I have also tried a new weave earring set, that didn’t work either.

Another point of this repertoire is to learn. While I do new things, I’ll be learning, experimenting, and failing. Success will come with practice and perseverance, but for this week it’s been nothing but failure.

And that’s okay.

Research Everything

Let me tell you guys something that happened recently:

I’ve been watching GQ interviews about actors and their ‘iconic’ roles (a debatable word, but okay). One of the ones I watched not long ago was Cillian Murphy, best known for his work as the Scarecrow in the Nolan Batman trilogy and Mr. Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders among other things. As a theatre person, I really enjoy learning about the process some actors have for acting, what people are like on set, and some behind the scenes info. It’s fun for me.

Well, I mentioned to a friend, let’s call them Danny, that I really enjoyed hearing Cillian’s natural Irish accent. Rather than agree or even disagree, they just state that Cillian’s a weird guy and that he’s a heavy alcoholic. First of all, that wasn’t where the conversation was going, and that’s an issue to bring up another time. Second, that information doesn’t sound…correct.

So, I researched.

I look into IMDB, Wikipedia, various interviews, and a bunch of articles, and I found nothing. What I did find was that Cillian Murphy prefers a quiet, non-fame life, he doesn’t take pics with fans but would prefer a handshake and a chat, he hikes and runs, he’s vegetarian (well, he was until he did Peaky Blinders), he drinks the occasional beer (he is Irish after all), he’s been married for 17 years with two sons, and he’s active in charity work. If he is an alcoholic and needed rehab, it was quiet and no one in the public would’ve known that, much less Danny. Nothing about him seems ‘weird’. But, after all, aren’t we all weird?

Where did my friend get their information?

Once I finished, I brought this to my friend, in which they said they must have been thinking of someone else. We had a good conversation about it, and I have no ill-thought to Danny. But I want to talk a little more about the importance of doing your own research.

With me, and I think with everyone, research comes first before accusation and judgement. I don’t want to base fact on something I can look up for myself. And not just when it comes to actors, but with everything else. Someone told you about a world event? Look it up and see what’s happening. That’s how I found out about the Indian Strike. Political beliefs? Definitely look into facts before choosing one way or another. That’s how I was able to determine my vote. You saw some scandalous musician gossip on TikTok? Read up on it so you know you can correctly ‘cancel’ a person and not support them. That’s how I learned to stay away from certain celebrities.

Am I saying to agree with everything? No. Gather an opinion from facts first. I don’t agree with everything I look into. Honestly, nor should you. If we operated on fact alone, we’d be so cold. Opinions second, facts first (in my opinion, lol).

It never hurts to look it up for yourself, and Google is free.

Research the tracks and maps before you jump on the train. Because you might end up going the wrong direction.

And now I know what to do if I ever meet Cillian Murphy in public.



Writing: Light Blue

For my Repertoire Thursday, this week we’re adding some writing. Due to some huge news I got earlier this week, I haven’t been able to write something new, but I do have some written work on standby.

This was a scene I wrote at grad school in Glasgow as practice for myself. It’s called Light Blue, and it involves a father and son who talk before a big event {spoilers}. It starts with the debate of a color tie and turns into something heartfelt.

If you’d like to read it, it’s posted under the Writing tab, or you can click here.


I got paid recently. Normally, that’s a good thing, but this paycheck made me so depressed. I’m a current graduate student with a part time job to help with the bills. And, as you know, I was wrecked with sickness on top of sickness, so I couldn’t work.

My paycheck was 30 dollars.

I’ve made a post before about how money does bring happiness (or at least I thought I did, and then looking for it after writing this, I couldn’t find it…), and I think this helps prove it.

What next? Well, the plan is to continue to work, severely budget so I can catch up, and only cry a little. That’s the reality of this situation.

At the time of writing this, I don’t have a solution. I wish I did, and I’m sure I will soon. But maybe we just need to go through harsh realities without trying to solve the problem.

I still have the 30 dollars. Right now I’m debating which bill to pay, while trying not to cry. I just worry about the pressure of the dam, if you know what I mean. All we can do is our best.

Hugs (needed for me, if you’re willing)


Art: “Himbo” Alfonzo

My friend, Noelle, an amazing artist herself, posted this on Facebook. It seemed like a fun challenge, and an opportunity to practice my art a little more (especially after a failed Tik Tok series where I didn’t like anything I made).

So, I gave it a shot.

I had some good friends comment on my own post when I shared this, and got basics for a great himbo.

(Himbo (n): a very attractive male that is sometimes a bit dim, but super sweet, and always respects women)

And here he is. Alfonzo the himbo. I feel a lot better about him than I have about my past work, so this is a good start to my repertoire series. Also, if you want the prompts and a small Alfonzo comic featuring his turtle, Charles, stay tuned to the end of the post.

Which is now.



Taking a Break in Utah

After a really terrible six weeks, my mother and I needed a break away. So, we decided to take a weekend trip to Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah.

We left Idaho in the morning on Saturday, and ended up in SLC in the afternoon. Our plan was to visit a historic cemetery, until we found out it was closed on the weekends. So, we tried finding a different one in SLC, got lost, couldn’t find anything, decided to give up, and went to Provo. We didn’t mind too much, since it took our minds off of home nonsense.

That night, we went to a show called ImprovBroadway. We had seen a show of theirs before, so we were excited to laugh our butts off. They had set everything up so everyone socially distanced, which was responsible (also slightly sad since the audience was smaller because of it). The performers did well, though one of them seemed real nervous, and we were laughing a storm. I greatly enjoyed myself. Also (not an ad), if you want to see them they are in Provo, UT and are worth your time. They also teach and do standup if that’s more your speed. Go to their website (here) if you want to know more. Still not an ad.

Mother and I stayed in a small motel in Provo, cheap and clean which was all we needed. And while we were there, we discovered a new Animal Planet show called Pit bulls and Parolees, so even our night and morning was filled with a good distraction.

On Sunday, we decided to go on a scavenger hunt in Salt Lake City. We downloaded an app that has scavenger hunts in major cities all over the country (world? I don’t know), and it sent us to various historic places in SLC. We did have to stop after finishing about 50% of it though. I was not smart and wore the wrong socks and shoe combo, which is hell when you walk five miles on a scavenger hunt, and my lungs were still on the mend after Covid pneumonia. As annoyed as I was at myself, we still had a fun time, and I hope to finish the scavenger hunt next time I’m in Utah.

In the afternoon, we visited some friends of Mother’s that she hasn’t seen in YEARS. Usually, this would be awkward since I’ve never properly met them before, but I actually felt quite comfortable with them and we all had a good time. We stayed until the early evening.

One final stop to In-N-Out and 7-Eleven later (since neither exist in Idaho), we drove back to our home, arriving late at night.

It was almost a necessary trip for both of us, and it gave us a good relax before diving right back in to some of the nonsense we left behind. We had a good time and were able to chill. Back to work.

Don’t forget to take a break when you need to.



Repertoire: What to Expect

As stated in Monday’s post, Thursdays will be about adding to my repertoire. So, this is just to let you guys know what to expect on these Repertoire Thursdays (or whatever I’ll call it).


I create two types of art pieces: colored pencil drawings and the Just Vinyl comics. My colored pencil work is generally people, more realistic, takes more time, and exposes my stans and fandoms. Just Vinyl started as a way to cope with a bad job, turned into a daily fun thing in a stage show I was doing, and turned into a way to convey feelings and/or jokes. Maybe as we continue with Repertoire Thursday, I’ll do more kinds of art, like painting.


Writing is a big part of what I do, so I put some of my written work on the site. From short scenes to excerpts from full-length pieces. At this point, the only thing I don’t write is poetry (but maybe I should start). As well, for the year 2021, it is my goal to write a first rough draft of a novel and a comedy play, so I’ll probably putting a lot of that on here as well.


This will more than likely be the least posted on Thursdays since theatre work, especially now, is few and far between. But if I do anything (I’m hopeful), I’ll be putting that up.

DIY/Making stuff

Creativity sometimes includes doing stuff with my hands, whether it’s making costumes, pins, jewelry, or journaling/scrapbooking. These aren’t priorities in my creativity, though, so they won’t be around often, but they’ll pop up occasionally.


This is something I haven’t put up yet, but want to start this year. Due to my love of reading and my education, I’ve developed what I believe is a good critical opinion of books. I’m back on a reading challenge for 2021, and I want to write critiques for the books I come across. I’m hoping this will better my critical writing and introduce you guys to more books (and hopefully some good recommendations).

And that’s what you should expect on Thursdays: one of these artistic endeavors. This will help increase my repertoire, better my skills, and I hope this will inspire, encourage, or entertain you.



My Thoughts On My Own Blog

The last time I wrote for you guys was 18 November 2020. I said there’d be no post on Friday and then went on a two month hiatus.

So, what happened?

Three major things: 1. The end of a really rough semester. I was very busy with schoolwork, finals, projects, finding an internship for spring, setting things in motion to graduate in 2021, and more. Hectic. 2. Covid. At the end of the semester and through my entire winter break, I was down with the sickness (cue song); I had Covid pneumonia followed by a minor sinus infection followed by hives due to an allergic reaction. It was a mess for a long time. And 3. National events in January (you know what I’m talking about) made me pretty emotional and I didn’t want to bring those emotions onto my blog.

Long story short, the last two months have been nothing but mental, physical, and emotional messiness, so I was not around.

But these two months also gave me time to think about what I wanted to change about my blog.

So, what’s gonna happen?

Not long ago, I’ve been putting more of my work, not just my thoughts, onto the site. I want to put more work and less thoughts onto the site. This gives me more incentive to create and expound, but it also lessens the stress of thinking/planning three blog posts a week. I’m hoping this will be the best for me.

So, moving forward, I’ll be posting twice a week. On Mondays, I’ll be putting up a blog post, in the same format as it has been. On Thursdays, I’ll be putting up an ‘addition to the repertoire’. Whether it’s art, writing, or something theatre-related (maybe I’ll even add critiques). It will post on the home page and add on to the submenu it belongs in.

I’m excited for this format, and I hope you guys can get excited with me. Let’s try to get this year back on track.



Entering Finals…

Every semester, it’s the same post: finals is here.

This semester has been particularly tough thanks to a certain class, so finals are gonna suck a little extra hard. But we’re gonna work hard, as we’re meant to.

Others are also entering finals soon, if not now, and I wanted to send my well wishes to you poor unfortunate souls as well. Don’t kill yourself to get work done, but don’t leave it in the wayside either.

Just do your best.

And everyone’s best is difference.

I’m going to work extra hard this week on some projects and presentations, so no post on Friday.