Making: Jewelry for Etsy

The only reason I’m doing it now is because the store is back up.

I’ve been trying to sell jewelry as it’s been a fun hobby and something people told me to try. As well, I thought it was something I was good enough to do for a price.

Lately, the jewelry has consisted of earrings, necklaces, and recently, keychains.

I tried my hand most recently at waist beads. However, they broke pretty quickly, so I have to figure out a new method or material. I have also tried a new weave earring set, that didn’t work either.

Another point of this repertoire is to learn. While I do new things, I’ll be learning, experimenting, and failing. Success will come with practice and perseverance, but for this week it’s been nothing but failure.

And that’s okay.

How the Shop is Doing

If you didn’t know, I opened an Etsy shop about a month ago. I started selling earrings and necklaces that looked like the witchy potions or gave off a Dia de los Muertos vibe. I set it all up to the best of my ability and…


So, how is my shop doing? Not good. Haven’t made a single sale.

Now that a month has passed, I’m thinking to myself, ‘what can I do to better this situation?’

So I looked into it. YouTube tutorials, Pinterest advice, asking friends on Facebook, and Google searching as much as I could. Here’s what I found:

  • Utilize social media, especially Pinterest
  • Up the number of listings
  • List with free shipping
  • Remain active on your shop daily
  • Update your photos
  • Optimize SEO
  • Use e-rank

So, I’m gonna be trying out a few things for the next month and a half, and at the end of the year we’ll see if it helps.

I’ll give an update at that time.



P.S. Link to the shop if you’re interested:

Top 5s

Recent qurantine boredom produced a lot of get-to-know-you games on Facebook. One of them that I found fun was ‘Ask me my ‘Top 5′ anything!’ My friends went to town, and so did I. And I’d like to present you with some that we came up with:

From Jessica: Top 5 Disney movies (stuck with strict Disney, not Marvel, Pixar, etc.)
5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
4. Mulan
3. Tie: Hunchback of Notre Dame and Emperor’s New Groove
2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
1. Beauty and the Beast

From Alyssa: Top 5 movie villains
5. Heath Ledger’s Joker
4. Alan Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham
3. Loki
2. Hans Gruber
1. The Evil Queen

Also from Jessica: Top 5 animals
5. Elephants
4. Foxes
3. Penguins
2. Otters
1. Cats. All cats. Big cats, small cats, all cats.

From Elta: Top 5 celebrity crushes
5. Flying Circus Michael Palin
4. Mamoru Miyano
3. Michael Sheen (baking) and David Tennent (reciting Shakespeare)
2. Mark Fischbach (don’t judge)
1. Aishwarya Rai, Buchchan

Misunderstood from Kirsten: Top 5 bad movies according to critics that I like
5. Bloodshot
4. Mistress of Spices
3. Law Abiding Citizen
2. The DaVinci Code
1. Willow

Actually from Kirsten: Top 5 movies so bad they’re hilarious
5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie
4. Batman and Robin
3. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (technically)
2. Spice World (technically)
1. Drop Dead Gorgeous
* The ‘technically’s are because they are pretty bad movies but I really like to watch them *
* I would’ve added Wild Wild West, but I don’t consider it a bad movie even if everyone else does *

From Mairi: Top 5 plays
5. Arsenic and Old Lace
4. Macbeth
3. Dr. Faustus
2. Five Kinds of Silence
1. Pillowman

From Logan: Top 5 fiction book series
5. Five People You Meet in Heaven (yes, it’s a series now)
4. Charlie Bone
3. Sherlock Holmes
2. Poirot (though I prefer Christie’s non-detective work)
1. Robert Langdon

Also from Elta: Top 5 fictional characters
5. Willow
4. Aziraphale and Crowley
3. Hawkeye
2. Sherlock Holmes
1. Robert Langdon

From Sarah: Top 5 places you want to travel to
5. Netherlands
4. Ireland
3. All 50 states (I have like 10 left)
2. Finland
1. Japan

I had a fun type even typing this back up.

Let me know what you think, what your top 5s are from these prompts, and if I should do more get-to-know-you games.


Alexandra TG

I Opened a Shop!

Recently, I started making jewelry again. I’ve made posts about this (here and here), and decided to make some more. In addition, I have been given the opportunity to sell some at a Harvest Fest coming up. Because I decided to make more for the Fest and I enjoy making them, I thought I might as well pursue it.

And thus, my Etsy shop was born.

Yes, I only have one item…

After the Fest, I’ll be making more and putting more up on the shop, including other kinds of jewelry besides my witchy potions.

I’m trying this out, guys. I’m scared as hell to do it, but we’re here to learn and try new things.

I’ll also let you guys know how it goes selling at the Fest, since that’ll be my first time doing it.

If you want to check out the shop, I’ve put it on the social media menu on the home page or you can follow this link:

Let’s start this new journey!



Do I Undersell?

I’ve started selling jewelry.

One of my biggest hiccups with selling wares is what to charge people. How much is it worth to me and worth to others to sell? That kind of math is beyond me, because even now as I’ve settled on a price, I’m told it’s too much or too cheap. Mostly that it’s too cheap.

So I ask myself, do I undersell?

And this question goes beyond my wares. Do I undersell myself?

I’m a young woman who’s endured a lot, traveled a little, working on her second Masters, reads (a lot), and does her taxes every year. Do I believe I’m worthwhile? No. Do I think I’m ‘allowed’ to seek what I deserve? No. Do I even think I deserve stuff? No. It’s sad but true. I actually don’t see myself ad an accomplished person.

Have I done a lot in my time? Oh, sure. But I don’t see it as amazing or ‘worth it’. As I inch closer to the end of my Masters program, I think about my future, and it’s a pessimistic viewing. From not being able to find a job to not being able to pay my bills, etc.

Now here’s where it all ties in, friends: it’s time to do math.

When you make and sell jewelry you have to math out every piece to understand that ware’s worth. From the bottle to the glitter to the hardware to the time.

We need to do the same for ourselves. Math out our moments, successes, accomplishments. From the Masters degree to living alone in Scotland to the writing to the time. And you’ll find you’re worthwhile.

Even if your accomplishments are small. You’re still worthwhile. Don’t undersell who you are as a person.

Now, to teach by example, I understand how often I undersell myself. But I’m making a concerted effort to understand my worth as a trained expert.

Also, my witchy potion earrings are priced at 15 dollars after doing some math.



Self-Care Journal

img_9912A while ago, while at Target, I came across a journal that caught my eye. This is not much of a surprise considering how many journals I own/have been through. But I bought it.

It’s an actual self-care journal, and each page has something like a goal, or at least just something to do that could be considered self-care. Then it asks, what did you do today to take care of yourself? followed by lines to write your response. And it ends with a place to put your mood and energy level from 1-10.

I was really diggin’ on this considering my actual bullet journal has become much more of a planner as of late. Maybe I could write about my feelings again.

Then my feelings fell by the wayside as everything started to hit and I couldn’t process what emotions were anymore.

But I’m here to try again.

My plan is to, every day, do what the goal/self-care something tells me to throughout the day. Sometimes it can be time consuming like konmari-ing your closet and sometimes it can be super simple like breathe deeply. Whatever it is, we’re gonna do it. At the end of the day, I’ll write how I fared and answer the other necessary questions.

This journal has almost an entire year worth of pages. So, I guess I better get started.

Don’t neglect your self-care, and if it takes a blatantly obvious journal to get your emotions understood it’s okay. Take care of you to be the best you can be at this moment.



P.S. Today’s goal is actually to breathe deeply, so take a large breath with me now.

Breathe in.




Breathe out.




Trying TikTok Trends

Because I apparently can’t write enough about it. (And have future plans for a few more, bear with me!)

Recently, I wrote about how TikTok has been becoming a minor obsession (the post is here). A list of trends come from there, so I wanted to try my hand at a few of them. And I mean a very few. Some include Never Have I Ever (which was taken down, so I’ll have to do a new one), filters, and reacting blind to something. There are plenty of trends I have yet to try, like dancing, cosplay, or book tags. However, the key word is YET. I actually have plans to do those kinds of TikTok videos (yes, even dancing when I suck at it).

But until then, here’s a few of my attempts:

Yeah, we all know I’m not great. But I have fun. (Also, I was unaware how big they were going to be in this post…oh well). And I’m learning new things, which is most important, as you know from my life philosophy of always keep learning.

Use it for fun, use it for some information (but remember to do your own research), and use it to be inspired.

And know the algorithm is wack, but we do our best to find what is important to us.



Halfway Through the Summer (and Goals)

Summer is getting closer to an end. Not in season, but in ‘vacation’ (if you can call it that).

I have about a month until school starts for me, and before another semester tries to kill me.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working. If not at my job, then with home maintenance. Resting this vacation has been nonexistent. But also, I haven’t been able to do much of anything (thanks Miss Rona).

So, for the last month, let’s set some goals so that we can enter the semester in as little stress as possible.

First, taking some time off work. Let’s not overwork ourselves before we overwork ourselves.

Second, deep clean and organize rooms. Let’s get our areas as nice as we can so it doesn’t stress us out when school comes around.

Third, organizing all paper items. Notebooks, bills, records. Put everything in its place, and take care of what’s needed.

Fourth, make sure we’re all ready for school. Yep.

And fifth, at least two self-care days. Days where we only take care of ourselves, whatever that may mean.

Those who will be going back to school at the beginning of August, enjoy your last month, and good luck with a new semester.



Finishing a Semester

78741619_10215728516380993_3577122662763200512_oThis past Friday I’ve finished the first semester in my graduate program.

Now, I’ve actually done a graduate program before. I have my Masters. So, yes, I’m going through it all over again. As opposed to my dramaturgy and playwriting degree I’ve gotten before, on campus, I’m pursuing Information Science online. It’s a whole new monster.

I went from an art to a science, essentially. From left brain to right brain. But it’s something I want to do.

The challenge this semester came from three things: time management, IT, and environment.

I love being organized. It’s something I do very well. But I absolutely suck at time management. I didn’t know how to properly do it this semester, and it really kicked my ass. And now I’m hoping I learned something to take into the next semester.

I can work my way around a computer, handling a blog, making videos, etc. But I never expected how much IT I would actually encounter. I knew I would be learning some new IT, but I didn’t expect to learn Greek AND Chinese. (Basically, I didn’t expect how much I would be learning and it really killed my brain for a hot minute).

I’ve always loved being in classes, having an instructor in front of me, taking space as it were. I liked having offices to go to, a library to study in, and peers ready to meet for a drink and a study session. Now that I’m doing everything online, it’s not the same. I get to wait for emails, studying exists almost solely in my own personal library, and the nearest classmate is literal hundreds of miles away. It’s tougher, but, again, I hope I’ve learned something I can take with me into the next semester.

So, my fellow college students, enjoy your winter break. And let’s hope together that we don’t kill ourselves next semester.



My Biggest Flaw

There was a video Anna Akana did about a year ago where she asked three of her friends what her biggest flaw was (video here).

Her ultimate point was that maybe our flaws are strengths, if we know how to use it.

So I decided to ask one of my best friends…

I thought I was prepared…but I wasn’t. I don’t mind criticism, but it’s definitely a jolt when you don’t even realize something about yourself (even if you are getting better at it). But after some reflection, I realized the extent of my clingy nature.

I have an obsessive personality. I’ve been noticing it more and more when I got nearly addicted to the show Good Omens. When I find something I really like, I latch onto it and consume absolutely everything I possibly can about it. It’s a yikes when it comes to friends. I’ve become more aware, and I try to keep those clingy/obsessive behaviors either to myself or at a minimum.

But there’s supposed to be a strength behind this, right? An obsessive personality, from my own experience, can get a project done, can teach me so many new hobbies and cultures, and can make me passionate.

As for my current big flaw, I already know my confidence is lower than the tummy of a blue whale. It’s something else I’m working on, but it’ll take some time. Strengths? There actually is some! It makes me cautious and when I care about someone I TRULY care.

Basically, lovelies, understand your flaws, find the strengths in them, and better yourself. Accept, sure. But don’t remain stagnant.